Various soil “Joe Dirt” recipes


Hello all,

I’m dedicated to growing all my plants for food or medicine (actually food is medicine as long as the soil used to grow is alive and fertile) only using what nature has to offer and exclude all chemistry set additives.

I welcome others to post any organic natural soil recipes they have used or know of here so that others may have an opportunity to explore using them to grow plants from living soils.



@garrigan65 has a soil recipe that others have used or based their soil recipe from :v::bear:


Here are several of the many I have come across.
These are not my recipes but from others who have taken the time to develop them so that others may benefit.

Be aware of the 2 types of recipes

  1. base soil recipes (great for starting seeds/transplanting clones. Will need to add additional “vitamins” as the plant grows. Used as the upper soil where the Super soil is bottom half or so of pot.
  2. Super Soil recipes (designed to provide the plant all the vitamins needed to complete the grow adding water only)
    Disclaimer: I’m new to this but am a fast learner…use at your own risk…lol

Here is another recipe…

And another recipe…

Oh no…another recipe…so many options…so little room to try them all



Thank you for the heads up.
I did see the recipe he posted.
I will add that here too as I’m trying to collect various dirt recipes in one place.




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It’s easy to do with copy/paste!
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That is exactly why I post the way I do. And I thought you mite get a kick out of what I said … you have a good sense of humor.


I can say u are very thorough with your responses. :v::+1:



Thank you very much for that … I really try to help in the best way I know.

that ment a lot thank you


You are dman @garrigan65 no pun intended.


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His knowledge is unsurpassed!!


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What do u think of my girl at day 27 from flip?

only using organic soil and fox farm trio. I didn’t use anything but big grow in veg then I got the feeding schedule now I’m using it.



Well one thing is for sure is, you do have a good feel of what your doing and I do believe if you can say, fine tune that good feel of what your doing into your next two grows. There be no telling what you can come up with to improve on your grows.


This is only my second grow I only got one oz off my first two plants. I owe this to all the awesome ppl here like you andMatty bear dnrn32 and Covertgrower to mention a few thank you all and I’m hooked and you will be seeing me a lot.


Hey we all started at the same place only difference was time.
But the way that plant looks and finding out it’s your 2nd grow, well I believe all ready said it in my post #14 It took me a long time and now I am perfecting my soil to it’s best. And I have no problem in sharing.
We are all into this togetter.
My best friend tonight after reading some of my post here said I should write a book … ya wright I told him… I love what I do and I work 3 forums lol busy, busy busy … lmao


Thanks man that means a lot to me. I’m gonna make u proud lol. This forum is amazing and I couldn’t have done this without all of your help. Have a great night my friend :call_me_hand:


You to my friend sorry for the late response I was on the phone to Az. 1


It’s all good brother I know ure crazy busy. Keep on keeping on​:+1::call_me_hand::v: