Variegated or deficient

Ok I have this clone. She gets fed the same as the rest. Soil is the same yet she is really pale. Opinions please as to what’s going on here. I suspect she’s recovering from a lockout. She has been getting water around the pH 8 to try and lift her. I will check the pH in 5 minutes

@Davyg. Putting water in at 8 ph will cause it to swing too far the other way.
In soil you should be going in at the ph you want out. Approx 6.5 - 6.8.

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I was thinking that if I bounce her the other way she might level out. I’m sure when I checked she was really low 5.5 ish, that’s why I wanted to swing her up a bit and see where she settles. She looks healthy enough. I’m just double checking with rain water just now

Just checked and the pH is bang on 6.5.
EC is way too high at 5.9, Canna soil is super hot by the looks of things. It’s a new bag and some of my cuttings look like they’re suffering from N toxicity :face_with_monocle:. I think this one has been locked out and the pH bounce has worked. No nute burn anywhere though :thinking:

Good it worked. :+1::v:

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New soil seems to be super hot :face_with_monocle:

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