Variation in autoflower seeds

Not so much a question but an observation. This is my first grow and I went with ILGM white widow autoflower seeds.

I’m using a 3’x3’x6’ grow tent with three plants.
Famurs 1000w LED fixture (Chinese product bought on amazon). I ran 20/4 during veg full spectrum and am 18/6 in flower full spectrum as well.
Ventilation is 6" exhaust fan with carbon filter (really overkill for this tent) and 6" and 4" oscillating fans for more circulation. RH is around 50% I had it running closer to 80% during veg with a humidifier.
Five gallon fabric pots using potting soil, compost (20%) and perlite mix in all pots
Watering on on an auto timer drip for all three pots PH is at 6.1 from the source bucket.
Feeding during veg was just cal/mag dosing, feeding for bloom since flower started.

The plants are going on 60 days since germination (mostly). My experience with the ILGM white widow auto flower seeds was kinda meh. I bought 20 seeds with the intention of growing four plants to start. The germination rate of the seeds I started was only 50%. I soaked four seeds in a glass of water for a little over 24 hours then moved them to a damp paper towel in a zip lock bag, following the ILGM guide. Only two of those sprang tap roots, one a day after the first. While I kept the other two in the damp paper towel, I started a fifth seed soaking and after 24 hours moved it to the zip lock as well. That seed busted the husk, but the seedling just disintegrated and I was left starting a sixth seed. That sixth seed was now almost a full week behind the first to break a tap root. So, of the six seeds in the exact same conditions, only three germinated.

I decided to plant the three that sprang and put them straight into the five gallon pots in the tent. I really didn’t want to mess with any transplanting. The first to germ had at this point gotten a really long tap root going while I was waiting for the others. Too long in fact, I managed to break it in half when handling it while potting.

All three did sprout, with the youngest (#3) the last. During veg, plant #2 took off the best. That was followed by #3 (the youngest) and plant #1 looking like the runt. It clearly had been struggling to get over the tap root being damaged.

They were planted on October 1st. Plant #1 and #3 started showing pistols in week three but not really flowering yet. Week five saw the youngest, #3 going into full flower. Plant #1 had a huge growth spurt around that time as well and went into flower about a week and a half later. I guess it finally recovered from that tap root damage.

Plant #2, which was looking like a champ in early veg was now lagging behind. She had a few pistols here and there, but no real signs of flower. That continued until this week. I had dialed the lights back to 18/6 and was considering going to 12/12 but now that she is moving along I’ll leave it at 18/6.

So, seeds from the same order, even from the same bag in an order had a lot of variation in regards to germination and growth even when kept in the exact same conditions. The spread in the start of flower was a little over three weeks apart.

It’s hard to say exactly where they are right now in regards to harvest since this is my first grow. Plant #1 and #3 are currently at a max height of 30" with 12-14 large colas. Plant #2 in at about 24" with 14 cola sites as well. She seems to be starting a stretch as well. I had done some LST and pruning and am pretty happy with how the canopy looks overall. The tent is full, wall to wall with canopy and I have set up a trellis at 30".
Plant #3 (the youngest) is looking great, getting very frosty and sitcky, #1 is just a week or so behind that. I have an amazon usb microscope and am starting to monitor trichomes. I’m guessing at 4 to 6 more weeks if plant #2 catches up some more.

I was hoping they would all be fairly close in regards to harvest, since I planned on drying in the tent I’m using for the grow. But, it seems the genetics will do what they do even if you’re keeping plants in identical conditions.

I have 14 WWAF seeds left. I’ll likely try germination again with the next grow. I was considering cloning the best performer of this grow, but is it a good idea to clone a plant that has gone into flower already?


Hi @straylight! Welcome!
I’m a new grower as well. There’s a lot of information as well as some very knowledgeable and helpful folks on here. From everything I’ve read, you shouldn’t clone autos. Their life cycle is too short. The clone is technically as old as the mother, so it would be tiny when flowering. I’m sure someone can explain it better than me haha
@MrPeat @PurpNGold74


A grow never goes according to plans you make. Genetics is genetics and you can’t rush them. You can have 5 seeds from the same batch you buy and they will grow 5 different ways. Especially with Autos.

Welcome to the Forum, @straylight.

I’ll give an example. My GSC reached over 60” tall and it took her 3 months to finally growing Bud sites. She was a Fem Seed and she is the reason why I looked for a Forum to call home. She is curing in the jars.

My GSC got so big I had to bend her over as she was about to touch the lights at the top of the grow tent.

On the first photo Blue Dream is the big Cola you see. The big plant is my GSC Beast. The last photo is my GSC Beast drying in the bathroom as she is way to big for my closet.


That is a fine looking GSC @MrPeat! @Southerngal, that’s interesting. I wasn’t aware atutoflowers were such bad clone candidates. There are a couple threads here where autos got cloned, yields didn’t look stellar but it looked like it worked. I can see how it might be problematic.

I may venture away from autos depending on the yields I get. I have the seeds to take another stab or two at them even if I wind up with the same lackluster germination rate.
It was the potentially shorter finish time and compact size that were the deciding factor in choosing and auto for my first grow. Flipping them into flower wasn’t a big deal since I have lights on a timer and the tent seals well.


Autos just seemed easier, after being on this forum for a bit, I don’t see where photos would be any more complicated. A lot of people on here don’t even mess with autos because they have more control over size and flower times with photo periods.
Technically, cloning an auto can be done… just don’t think it’ll be worth your time.


Welcome aboard!! I’m growing 4 WW Autos too and we are at the same stage I’m going to set to watch if you don’t mind, this is my first grow



@Southerngal speaking of Auto clone


@Shaneo420 that was the point I was trying to make :point_up::point_up:
Explains it way better than I ever could :crazy_face:

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Hey I may get a bong hit out of it😉

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Right?? :joy::joy:

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You would be lucky to get a micro hit off that
considering that you will lose 75-80%.


Ah have faith still got a few weeks to go lol I’ll get that bong hit :grin:


@Shaneo420 was that lil girl in flower when you cloned it? That is a good example of the concern with autos and cloning.

This was a thread I found experimenting with the idea. While the result is better that lil nub of a plant, I’m not sure it’s worth the effort.

Auto Clone Experiment

I think my next grow will just be another round of the white widow auto seeds I have on hand. The idea of the consistency of clones is really appealing, though I’m understanding that getting to that point is going to require quite a bit of time and effort. Till then, I guess I’ll just ride out the random results. Not that I’m disappointed with the results I’m seeing so far, aside from the lackluster germination.

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Yes it was going to be a bottom larfy bud anyway but I accidentally broke it off so I was just curious but yes it was shooting pistols when it happened but next grow I will take a branch before they throw pistols and see what happens

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