Vaporizer Question


Anyone here ever use the Volcano Vaporizer?

It is super expensive…is it worth it?

Any cheaper alternatives?


I’m using the Vivant Alternate loose leaf vape and I like it. You can find it online for around $65.



I’ve never used a vaporizer…is it better in your opinion?


@dmykins it’s different. You can pick up different notes in the bud that you don’t get burning it, supposedly less harmful than smoke and also supposedly you don’t plateau like smoking weed: you just keep getting higher.


I have the older, analog volcano and it should last years. Vaporizers, especially the Volcano, allow you to taste the terpenes better than any other way. Check Craigslist, you can usually find them much cheaper than retail. I bought mine, like new, for $250 with a box of extra balloons!



Is there any off brand?


Yes, there is a cheap POS from China sold on EBay that everybody hates after they buy it.



Well I won’t be doing that then. Lol.


I have not used one myself but everyone I spoken to that owns one loves then
@Willd has one I believe
I’ve been looking at them for some time as well just the $ has keeped me from taking the leap as well @dmykins


Im asking for one for my birthday. If not Santa better bring it. At least ive hinted around numerous times, but i want a dry vape but have no knowledge of them & don’t wanna spend tons of cash.


@Countryboyjvd1971 @Laurap

I agree, its a lot of cash. Thats why I was looking for a cheaper alternative. I guess you get what you pay for, but man they are expensive…


Look at the Alternate by Vivant. It is a nice vape. Retail price is $120 but I found it for half that. The original unit had a cap that was prone to cracking and mine came with the replacement. It runs on a single 18650 and is adjustable up to 430° F. The bucket is plenty large enough.


I agree with the
You get what you pay for @dmykins
But I’m sure you can find a cheaper alternative
Good thread :+1:
I smoke mostly rosin at home nowadays
But I still like flower now and again HahHa
Will be following along with this one
I’m going to check out the one @Myfriendis410
Mentioned I’m sure it’s been tried and well tested if he’s got one hahaha
Wow that’s a nice unit @Myfriendis410
Just went to thier web site :+1:
I am thinking about picking one up now
Maybe for a early Xmas present to my self for being such a good boy this year hahaha



This may be a dumb question…but is a vaporizer the same as the ones that take the flavored juices?

I have only seen MJ Vaped out of the volcano and a bag…


This is a loose leaf vape so it uses flower or leaf.


I’ve got an Arizer V…great investment! Wife and I were bongers, and we’d wake up in the morning feeling like someone had poured boiling sulfuric acid down our throats. With the vape no more sore throats or chest pains, very pleasent high and there isn’t a cloud of smoke hanging in the house. HIGHLY recommended!