Does anyone here know the recipe to make weed infused vaping oil ???

Check you tube, there are numerous videos on how to make RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil with a very high proof alcohol, a grain alcohol or something like bicardi 151 with 150% proof or higher is best.

Of course having the magical butter machine would be a big help:

Can Bacardi 151 rum be used for the RSO instead of Everclear

Yes it can.

I made some E-Juice using vegetable glycerin and polypropylene glycol. Here is link similar to what I used. I purchased gallon of each on Amazon. I found the video I used

I made a second batch using 1.5 onces of quality trim with 120mL Polypropylene Glycol and 90mL Vegetable Glycerin and it came out excellent.

151 proof is kinda low I tried it with 151everclear it’s got a lot of water in it. It works but you will lose a small amount of oil. * that’s what Rick Simson said in Facebook. It takes long time to get all the extra water out. You can get .99.5 alcohol from Amazon. Just make sure you add about 10 drops of RO water to the oil when it’s almost done. You can watch the vid on you tube. Go to his web site there is a recipe and link to vid. I have used a lot of the alcohol from Amazon with no problem. Just make sure you follow the recipe.