Vaping eJuice - Heatlh Risks

I have tried smoking weed, vaping e-juice and eating edibles with canna butters and oils. All methods give different effects and time to react at least based on my own experiences.

Every time I turn on the news I am seeing where there is some scare going on over vaping. Not weed vaping per se, but eCig vaping in general especially in teens. I fully realize the tissues of the lungs are very delicate and can be damaged by heavy smoking, especially long term use. I am wondering exactly HOW harmful inhaling a VG/PG mix with canna extract would be to my lungs as a casually light vaper?

I’m beginning to be inclined to take my oils in veg caps and skip the smoking altogether. Is this a general consensus, or is the fake news media trying to scare folks that vape?

I do believe that if you follow the trail of articles about the harmful effects that they come from big tobacco. They have every reason to hate vapes.

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Not in regards to smoking pot in them but I will not smoke any of the liquids imported from China (not aware of imports from anyplace else.) Considering their reputation in the past with all types of contaminants in the baby foods dog foods everything basically they shipped to the US I wouldn’t trust anything to be ingested out of China nor would I at any price even free. Vaping pot, to my knowledge is a non-issue as I can’t see any problems with it.

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I hadn’t really thought of it as a non-tobacco user, but big tobacco is bound to have a powerful lobby in government. They can use their influence to bring damaging reports about vaping to the public while keeping quiet their own issues that have killed countless thousands of cigarette smokers.

Good point.


And I strive to make the weed I grow as natural and organic as possible. Most nutrient specialists have an organic offering, plus even the insect controls I use are natural, organic based.

Point being, and since I have gone to these extremes to be an organic grower, I’d hate to mix some VG/PG from China in my eJuice that is tainted. I’ll look on Amazon and see if the food grade items I buy for the eJuice is from China, and if so, I’ll look for a US source.

Thanks for the heads up!

Salutations MT3,

Yes, i also noticed and everyone could have seen it coming a long while ago.

The reason why i don’t “vape” myself is because:

#1) The e-Liquid carrier or substrate
#2) Opaque clouds promote abuse
#3) Concentration of pesticides

Basically, in comparison to e-Liquid “secret” recipes i think Hot Dry Air has very little to hide, though i found Inlet Water was beneficial - at least to me anyway.

What we see on TV doesn’t correspond to what i need as an ex-smoker converted to vaporism: it’s just plain abuse gone out of control IMO, cannabis-free or otherwise.

As for “toxins” and heavy metals, i’d point out those articles avoid the matter of “legal” pesticides and that’s where i feel like blaming Big Tobacco just the same as mass media.

As for vaporizers, it’s not about their price-tag; bags simply render me miserable and prompt for a need to “T-Break” until i recover… By chance i was able to find one type of consumption method which combines features addressing these aspects previously mentioned.

1st of all i can imagine no scenario more suitable to me than to respect the value of what’s being offered by dame Nature itself under the form of trichome glands: these collect noble substances at the site of genesis on a molecular basis, essentially. This implies extremely reliable natural filtration at an unbeatable cost, and if we look close enough it’s hard not to realise that’s an ideal form of packaging considering it keeps the noble molecules separated from not-so-noble vegetal tissue potentially impregnated with contaminants including non-detection soups of “legal” pesticides…

So, ideally what needs to be developped is a harvesting process based on dry sift made of trichome glands only, but then i foresee some need to agree to a tradeoff as i figure this may probably also remove hints of aroma/taste characteristic of the plant in its “bio” grade version. Yet in today’s “Légaleezation” context i still bet on that strategy rather than chose a mystery box which to me simply calls for gambling. Hence that’s why i find the Volcano hype quite a bit ridicule: it’s proposal is to shuffle everything inside an oven and pray for the best! Effectively destroying the most valuable gift of Nature in such non-sensical process focussed on deep extraction + baking, with little consideration for what’s inside. It may seem impressive in photo sessions but to me that’s similar to e-Cigs nonetheless: the boost is a mirage and there may be a hidden cost. Now imagine when dealing with non-detectable levels of a “legal” pesticide as myclobutanil which turn into HCN (hydrogen cyanide) if heated, e.g. the same “Schedule-3” poison of the Chemical Weapons Convention also known as Ziklon-B that was in use in Hitler’s death camps, euh… And we’re talking about chronic exposure on top of an abuse-promoting ritual!!

Those are reasons why i felt compelled to aim for a different direction combining features which i believe to address such potential nuisance. The method is based on “pulse heating” which limits secondary reactions to begin with, it’s compatible with Inlet Water working both as a “Potentializer” of the “Release/Transport Agent” (a fancy way to define Hot Dry Air…) in addition to providing self-conditioning of the “fumet”. My current “Prototyping Platform” actually depends on extra-hot exhaust gases (H2O + CO2) gathered from the corona of a clean-burning butane (blue) torch flame but it is also designed with a “Bi-Energy” IH-driven alternative in mind where distilled water (or perhaps e-Liquid) shall pave the way to a butane-free solution better suited for healthwise consumers including purists.

Last but not least there’s the matter of control and i seem to have made progress there as well by demonstrating a whole concept based on “Packetization” of the Heat Charge, which in turn implies that clouds of finite density/opacity and size are not only possible but they can also prove being duplicable toke after toke in “Plan-A” Induction heat scenarios, while remaining compatible with butane as an option.

Most unfortunately i must admit that repeated invitations to DUPLICATE & PEER REVIEW repeated since the last few years have been rejected/ignored while words served no purpose but to fuel ridicule from those who won’t listen. Yet i’m convinced the matter is unavoidable, though i’m increasingly worried that bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionists will much prefer a total ban than pretend to be after a fix capable of seducing an ex-smoker as myself in some durable manner.

In conclusion, i don’t know if e-Cigs will be made safer but i didn’t want to watch & see; the same is true with vaporization and there’s no way i’d go back to the smoking habit rendered popular by James A. Bonsack around the mid-1880 years of so and solely for his own profit.

As for patches, edibles and such it’s simply not a suitable substitute for inhalation - end of story! Hence either i could go back to abstainance or try to develop a consumption method which my human physiology can stand, year after year…

In any case i consider the present “pen” frenzy lacks realistic objectives not to mention “Harm Reductionist” objectives as auto-responsabilization promoted by self-awareness. In comparison a 1-toke tool as my pipe minimizes losses as a result of its “Micro-Bursting” nature, which means it’s OKay to forget it on a table after a few inhalations. The range of applications itself is no barrier to those who still desire to experiment with abuse, it simply multiplies opportunities to chose between each toke.

As for Nature’s gift vs pesticides, the bursting mode allows targetting of the tiny glands based on mass and time: larger vegetal tissue surrounding it doesn’t have much time to “thermalize” and i’m betting on it to selectively extract goodies while leaving the rest behind.

M’well, it’s not like i never tried to explain myself about it anyway. The seed was planted in many places already and my only hope is that echoes of it shall survive in a few minds long enough for such concept to get a fair chance of its own…

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol:

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