Vape juice with shatter batter

I make concentrated cannabis oil or rso what ever you want to call it. My question is i got shatter batter which is kinda like farm to vape I’m going to try and make it this weekend and wondering if anyone has used this at all??
@AnneBonny you make some good things and use farm to vape. I also have plain vg and pg and package of 15 of lorens oils with different flavors have you had any luck with these and what tank would work best for this the ones with the wicks or without and the ones you fill from the bottom with a blunt tip syringes or the screw off top tanks?? Thanks for anyone’s input its greatly appreciated.

I’ve used something like what you have and used in top fill tanks.

O.k. did it work good or is there a tank that takes thicker oil

I just made a small batch to try it out and it wasn’t too bad I didn’t really make enough to really you know make a judgement call. Wax liquidizer is what I used

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O.k. cool thanks for the reply