Vape juice not coming out well

I read and followed the recommendations on this sight for making vape oil, but it is not coming out well. I followed the advice here and got a great plant with huge buds and powerful smoke, but I prefer to vape as the smoke is more harsh.

I used everclear 151 (75%) and let the ground up and decarbed weed sit in it for two weeks, with liberal shaking. Filtered this through a coffee filter. There was too much alcohol in the mix so I used a double boiler to lower the alcohol and added some glycol and glycerin. What I ended up with was not so much an oil as a tar. Large globules of tary THC form on the bottom and the sides. This tar is too thick to use as it clogs up the syringe and the vape canister.

What did I do wrong?


I think your supposed to evaporate all the alcohol then mix with what’s left.

Tried that. It doesn’t work. Only the alcohol will dissolve the tar. adding the glycol and glycerin to the tar does nothing.

Was everything still warm when you did it? For that method I hear that wax liquidizer works well.

The oil was warm and somewhat dry when I added both the glycol and glycerin. everything was fine warm. But coagulation and separation of the oil happened when it cooled. A tarry and sticky substance and some liquid. The tar is too thick to vape and the liquid, I suspect, will be rather weak. I could easily filter out the tar, but if that’s the actual THC oil then there goes the whole thing.

What is a “wax liquidizer”?

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@blackthumbbetty is tuned up on alternate methods. Maybe she has an idea.

I do not like the method you described to extract as it removes a lot of chlorophyll which is dark and bitter. Here’s what a commercial food scientist friend directed to do:

1 fl oz of alcohol (150 or higher) to 1 gram of flower. Do not decarb. Place alcohol in one mason jar and flower in the other and put in freezer. When cold, mix alcohol/flower together and shake vigorously for 60 seconds or so. Return to freezer and shake every 15 minutes until 45 minutes to an hour. Strain through coffee filter, rinse with a bit of clear alcohol and discard plant material. Allow to dissipate as with any alcohol based tincture and ready to use. This will get you a NON decarbed tincture, or reduced down to wax or shatter, depending on what you want to do with it.


Seems like people going for really clean alcohol extract shake jars for about 30 seconds and then strain off.

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Your alcohol soak for to long and you really need 190 proof everclear
Grind and decarb weed then put in freezer and everclear goes in freezer
Put weed in jar pour enough ever clear to be about a thumbs width over the weed and shake i use a paint shaker for for 3 or 5 minutes strain and run through coffee filter reduce at 105 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit till it gets to a darker maple syrup color and put a fan on it to evaporate the rest of the alcohol then good luck if using pg,vg
I got it to work buy using terpins from flouraplex my vg,pg keep seperating on me its frustrating the first couple times doing it hope this helps you a little

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From what I have been reading you can try to add a little more pg. to much vg and it will separate. I have been reading on it a lot as I plan on trying it in a few days

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I think that my soak was too long, too much chlorophyll and plant cellulose - probably made the tar. But ILGM should change their recommendation in the “Guides” section as I followed that pretty closely.

Terpins are not available in the US (prescription only.)

Thanks all

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You oversoaked it and overheated it, ending up with a sorta Rick Simpson Oil. Still useful, but not good smoke.

I am just starting to look into making my own vape juice, so I’m watching this thread to get hints. :grinning:


You can buy terpenes on Amazon!

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Misspelling on posters part - terpenes vs. “terpins” - makes all the difference.

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I’m sure you can buy those little turtles on Amazon, too. You can pretty much find anything there, can’t you?


This is the method I am going to try next, I’ve tried the Everclear route and wasn’t happy.

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Buchner filter
Don’t add anything to thin it that’s what’s making people sick.