Vape juice instructions and how to guide

So guys I just recently got a quarter and since I am wanting to learn how to make several different consumables I decided to try out Vape juice for Vapes and e-cigs first and foremost your most likely gonna have to go to the store so here’s a list of ingrediates

  1. cheesecloth
  2. Mason jar with lid that seals down similar to what you put your goodies in.
    3 mason jar with a twist top lid.
  3. Extremely fine wire mesh screen
  4. Spatula
  5. 4 quart saucepan
  6. A metal opject like a butter knife to mix up bud while cooking
  7. Vegetable oil
  8. An empty glass vile like you buy e-juice in
  9. Two thermometers one to go inside the sauce pan one to go in the mason jar.
    10.Most important ingredient besides the canibas, vegetable glycerine.
    (For those who are like where the junk can I find this go to the pharmacy section of every grocery store especially sprouts for example, and ask a clerk. Here’s a pic of what I got/ only 4 bucks

Ok so now the next few parts are the most crucial

  1. Break up canibas but not too fine so it doesn’t go through mesh screen when you go to filter it.
  2. Fill mason jar with latch lid with cannibas and use about 1/4 of glycerine to 8 grams of cannibas
    3 mix it around
  3. Now pour about half the pan with vegetable oil enough if you stick mason jar inside the pan the vegetable oil would cover it on the outside.
    5 heat up to around 220 degrees. That’s why we need the first thermometer.
  4. Once it’s at that temp put the cannibas and vegetable glycerine in the center of sauce pan. Close lid to jar.
  5. Let stew for 45 min never letting the inside only reach 180 degrees this is a MUST!!!
  6. After 45 min remove from pan and pour through your mesh screen into the second mason jar lined with the cheesecloth. ( this is your strongest batch FYI)
  7. To make more though take your cannibas that you’ve been pushing on to get all juice out back in the jar in the sauce pan, and heat again with a little added VG, stirring every 15 min.
  8. Pour through mesh screen through the cheesecloth on the mason jar. Now you have two step filtered Vape juice.

Your not done yet though!


  1. heat your vegtable oil to around 200 degrees.
    2 the filtered VAPE JUICE that’s is inside the mason jar put lid back on tightly and once the pan reaches 200 then place mason jar in middle and let stew for 30 more min! Promise almost done!
  2. Heat should not exceed 220 or you will end up not getting the but THCA.
  3. Once done let cool and put into vile for Vape juice and enjoy!!!

Extra info the last time you filter VG through the cheesecloth squeeze as much juice as possible out of cloth you will receive a significant lot more then you believe.

Do this step by step I was able to make around 30 ml of vapejuice
Black market value 200+ and I only spent around 20 bucks


This method my oil keeps seperating after 2 weeks how to make it stay together i have better results using cco/rso oil then using farm to vape liquidizer. Do you have a issue with your oil seperating

Not yet but one I noticed to not put that much VG IN JUST ENOUGH TO COAT IT

Check this brochure out guys!
Business brochure

Everyone go check out my you tube channel!!! Let me know what you think!


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Isn’t VG too thick to really vape? I would think it would clog up the cartridge quickly as it gets thicker the more it gets used. I think a bit of PG or PEG would be in order. If you wish an easier method google up Wax Liquidizer. I don’t work for them or make any money from it but they have a mixture of VG/PG that will mix with any rosin or shatter. 1 gram of rosin to 2ML of VG/PG (with flavor even) will make 3 full 1ML cartridges. The bottle of liquid mixture is $20. and it is `5ML. All you need is a light heat source. Something to warm up the rosin to mix it.