Vape cartridges

I’m gonna start making my own thc vape juice from rosin but I don’t know who has the best cartridges. What brand would you guys/gals recommend


Hello sir @plumbdand our friendly neighborhood press guy is @MO_Grow417 he might be able to help you out with this I know he makes his own vape from his pressed juice


I bought them from best value vac. Not sure they are the best, but they are decent.

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What about terpenes any recommendations

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I like the Empty 1mL Glass Tip Silver Vape Cartridge

They don’t clog like the rest


Thanks for the tag @MeEasy not really an expert but have “dab”bled around a little :rofl:. As far as carts go, I just got mine off Amazon because I wanted to start with the cheapest reusable ones and see if they worked ok and they did just fine. I will buy some better ones next time just to see how they compare. I will look for one to have a ceramic heating element and big intake holes for a nice rip. As far as terpenes go I bought floraplex. I am happy with them for sure. I picked up sour diesel because that was what I was growing and also some Pineapple Express which I will add to the pineapple from this grow. I would also recommend picking up some diluent. I found it was necessary for me to get the final product thinner to flow more freely. One tip is to add the rosin to the cartridge while it’s still warm and seal it. By doing so you create a vacuum that will make it easier to draw. I would recommend a borosilicate syringe with a 14 gauge tip. It was necessary to fill the cart properly. And I also bought some small glass files to decarb the rosin in before I added the terpenes and diluent. Decarbing was needed to not let it recrystallize in the cartridge. Off to work but I can try and answer any questions you might have. My terpene % that I found best was 5% terpenes and 5% diluent. It depends on the consistency of the rosin. Sorry gotta run :v:


@Graysin has a source but I’m not sure if it’s a recommendation that they sent an empty container the first time


Thanks for the tag @Mr_Wormwood

I used these off Amazon:
1mL Round Glass Container for Thick Solutions - 5/Pack

They work great - my mixture was sloppy because I used VG and PG without something to homogenize them.

Next time around I’ll just be using a gram of concentrate, and diluent & terps. No VG or PG - unless I need to thicken (then just a few drops of VG)

My Diluent is from East Coast Terpenes & is flavorless. Powerful stuff, took about .5ml to get a gram to vape juice consistency. I got terps cheap off Amazon for flavor, just some Zkittlez stuff cuz my concentrate is from misc trim.
Pure Liquidizer Diluent KIT

Delta 9 Terpenes - ZKittles

I’d probably do it again with a little more terp for flavor - I only used .1ml (it smells like fruit loops so I was worried it would be overwhelming)


Fruity weed mmmm

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Wow, thanks guys, that’s some good info to get me started. I ordered some ceramic cartridges to try out.
From pcktvapor.

One thing for sure
Make sure the coils are ceramic
And try not to but Chinese made carts they are junk.


My word of advice is decarb your weed. I didn’t and I have to preheat the bejeesus out of my cart before it hits enough heat to get anywhere. :laughing: if it was decarbed I bet I could just hit it like a regular vape without the preheat process.

Don’t think I can link to the ones I ordered because it’s not from Amazon
PCKT is the company SPRK ceramic cartridges 1ml
Now I need some terpenes and diluent and my replacement heat press to arrive on Wednesday.

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Q cels are ideal.

Hash rosin is most ideal compared to flower but rosin doesn’t work in cartridges due to waxes and fats.
Decarbing the hash rosin with jar tek until it becomes more of a thick oil is an option but finding the temp and the heat is tricky.
Anywhere from 100f-260f for 8-24 hours…

Or you can go through the painful process of mechanical separation of tcha & terps with your rosin press.

If your interested in cartridges I suggest solvent extraction.


I’m gonna press a bunch and extract some with alcohol too


I’ve read u can mix liquidizer with your press’d concentrate for cartridges

That’s what I see all over YouTube

I’ve been using alcohol extracts for my carts. They’re pretty solid. Potency is right where I needed it but probably weak for most people who are used to vapes.

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I’ve got lbs of fresh frozen and dried frozen buds plus lbs of trimmings and larf. I’ve got to do something with it. Plenty to screw up and learn something with.


I get mu carts and batteries from Rokin.Good quality carts and the batteries last a long time

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