Vahillbilly’s Grow Journal

Thank you my brother but wasnt nothing I done, I just give Her a little water every once and awhile, she done that all on her own. Nice growing plant for sure. :call_me_hand::v::green_heart:


Had to take her big crowns on down


Hi guy been reading many sites for growing weed and many are saying plants are starting to flower early as I have noticed mine going into flower for a few weeks early I see yours doing the same. What do they know?

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I had some start budding right after I set them out this April well end of May I guess it was a bit too early and they werent getting enough daylight hours to keep them in veg, they had been use to 20 hrs of light a day so thats probably what my problem was. Next year Ill cut them back to around 16/18 couple weeks before last frost and they get set out. The plants revegged and are just now starting to hit bloom. Hoping they will have time to finish, its a seed run so I kinda need them for next year. Keep a growing those jungles brother. :muscle::call_me_hand::+1::v::green_heart:

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Here YouProcessing: IMG_2023-09-01-16-08-48-041.jpg…
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Looking good Spuds buddy. :clap::clap::clap:

Some of my outdoor this year