Vahillbilly’s Grow Journal

Wow hit a thousand thats wild. Heres a little update on whats growing on round here yall.


Well reveg has hit full swing yall.


Reveg was just flipped lets see how much they get their stretch on this time unnetted.


And yes thats the 40 gal. Pots that i was so stupid to use I guess. I was trying to explain the process of creating a more “natural” indoor growing style but nobody wanted to hear about it. Too busy mixing their sponsorship flavored liquid crap in a bottle I guess. But hey Im just being me the Vahillbilly. I do this for a living so it just comes natural to me I guess. Being a hillbilly that is. Thank all of yall for the wonderful sharing of legit knowledge with my poor uneducated redneck white trashy sounding Appalachain Mountain American accent. But I just try to be me my authentic unedited self. May the Lord Bless each and every one of the growers who have been so kind to me and theres way too many to even start but you all know exactly who you are! These past few grows have helped open my mind and unthaw a little bit of an old hardened heart so again a heart felt THANK YOU. :v::heart::point_up_2::100::love_you_gesture::dash::dash:


Looking good buddy as long as the style works for you that’s all that matters got to be true to yourself can’t be true to yourself what do you have in this world got to feel good with yourself :v:


Exactly my brother thank you for understanding. Im a healer yall, not by trade or by choice, fact is Ive ran from it my whole life, but I guess Gods got different plans, and Im okay with that ya know. Just because one chapter of my life maybe over, I get to wright a new one everyday. So from the bottom of my heart I Love each and everyone of you more than I guess you all will ever know or accept or whatever the word is. BTW gotta go for another Brain scan on the 10th yall. Wish me Luck❤ @JJ520


Happy cake day :tada::partying_face::boom:
Best wishes,good vibes :v:

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Stay positive brother , we love you too… :green_heart: :+1:t3: :wink:
Sending you good vibes my friend…

Happy Cannaday also… :grin:
:v:t4: :sunglasses:

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