Vahillbilly’s Grow Journal

This pic was taken shortly before I flipped to 12/12


@MadamCalamity im sure you been tucking , dont let them take over like that last one , she bout found the light Caroline lmao she was on a Portegist mission :rofl:

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That my friend… oh bud Jesus, dont let my heart explode looking.I gotta look away. But good job dude!

Beautiful friend. Just works of art. Ive been only letting mine keep like 3- 4 nodes on the tops and stripping the rest down to keep my airflow moving, should I be leaving more? And are you just tucking the top fan leaves and top everytime they get big enuff to tuck? Thats what I tuck and was just hoping letting that light in was the right thing? i kinda go by my gut alot and what the girls tell me but also try to learn what I can wherever I can. Thank yall for your replies.

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Wow the man himself answering a dummy like me. Im running one of those 40 gal bags in your mix and one with alot more peat. I gotta tell ya i think yours is pulling ahead though.

Thank you so much for the advice.

I see pretty baby bud sites everywhere!!! Its in the air…Feels like a Beatels Song.
Beautiful Madam, that is all I can say. Betcha thatll fill out a room quick.

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@VaHillbilly huh ? Im so confused brother? What did i do now shewt , i been behaving i thought ? Oh God help me Lord im loosing my brain power oh oh not yet Lord i have just a wittle bit more to do unless you say its enough lmao @VaHillbilly what i do my brother !

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@yoshi Oh no bro. You only went and helped a poor dumb old hillbilly figure em out a mix that till now still aint needed nothing but some myco+, calmag., and pure good ole h20. Many many thanks. Im just a poor old dude that worked the past 3 decades and got sick, then got tired of dumb, i mean unexperienced “doctors” not being able to help. So I took to some medicine that would. Now im just trying to grow enough so i can get back healthy and back to the Dad, Husband, Human being that they have always known. So sorry to drop deep shit like that. But thank you and everybody here for trying to help me do that. Peace and Happy Growing to ya.


Dr Coco did a review and testing of this light. Provides some useful info if you have not seen it.
From cocoforcannabia DOT com / grow-light-guide/viparspectra-xs-4000-par-and-epar-tests-and-review/

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Ohhhhhhhh , you must have read :books: something , my brother my hat is tilted to you . If by any meabs i can help in any way , i will and ill try to explain in my ebonics so hopefully it can make sense , but no judgement here and just know you ate not alone my friend . I love you and its not over yet right , we did not come this far to just quit , we owe that to ourselves to just find new ways to survive it . Nevermind the Why right now , its okay to not be okay , you listening to me Sir , I LOVE YOU BROTHER HONESTLY AND IF I EVER GET THE CHANCE ILL PROVE IT .
Hang in there , we will get you through it by any means bnecessary so you enjoy the fruits of your labor .
Do you have any flower nukes yet ?
Dont panic you can used cheap stuff out at walmart , ill help you but its gone stink like cat piss no shit you talking bout loud oh my God ridiculous , but ill help you through my brother .

Man you done got me in here in the bathroom crying and shut. Thank God the kids are outside. But ive got some tigerbloom and grow big.

Now you got me crying driving :red_car: its ok brother i promise you that.

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I cant say thank you enough.

Oh Madam :+1: :+1:


Thank you beardless ill definatley check it out.

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My method is a bit different than many folks. I remove all new growth/branches below the screen. I only remove a few leaves here and there to manage air flow and to elicit a response as though some animals have been munching a bit.

Most people seem to remove all of the growth and leaves below the screen.


Im kinda doing the same thing since i lst my lower branches instead of snip them. I have planned on taking out only the ones I need to for airflow and whatnot.


I generally like to fill the whole net before flipping. Couple pics from today. Although I don’t use if for a scrog really, I mostly use the net for training and keeping them low, and bushy. Secondary net to support weight on occasion.

Single plant in 2x4 7 gal pot

3 plants in 2x4 5 gal pots


Your lying big time…
Ok , your not…
Killing it with a soil grow…
But when your ready to double that with a water only grow…
You just let me know…
I’m Here for you…
No media…
Just water and nutrients…

:v:t4: :sunglasses: