Vacuum packing and freezing?, ...I need to,

Okay, I have a few books on the subject, but long term storage, like if I grew too well and have an excess, maybe more than I can use for a very very long time. I need to maybe vacuum bag and pack cannabis, and I believe freezing would be the best way to store excess bud. I am unsure about freezing, and of course vacuum packing would be best if frozen. I just don’t think I can just keep putting it in jars and that it will keep well, errr, unless I vacuum packed the jars of course, those that would be canning jars of course. But of course, I am thinking of the vacuum packing bags of course, for freezing.

Anyway, my second crop ever is coming in, some very large buds, alot already in the hanging nylon dryer, cause I made sure to trim small buds that weren’t getting any light or not enough. Of course, with my medical weed license, I can have two pounds of cannabis, errrr, though I haven’t weighed any of my buds previous as yet.

I use a vacuum Sealer also. I stopped pulling the vacuum when it starts to flatten the buds. Then I put in a paper bag and freeze it. I have tried the bud when it was froze for a year. It did not seem to affect the potency.

I vacuum seal ounces in bags at 10 inches of mercury (I had to install a pressure transducer and cut-off switch to the vacuum system). Then I place the bags in in a sealed 5-gallon bucket buried in a “hiding in plain site spiders nest”. built with no metal hardware. The longest storage time to date is 8 months. I scatter most of my trimmings throughout the property to confuse K-9s.

Yeah, I am gonna have to do alot of vacuum sealing, then freezing. So far I have a medical marijuana card and can have alot of pot, but its possible I might not be able to afford to renew my med pot license, then I would only be allowed to legally have less. Its legal in Oregon, recreational, I don’t see myself ever burying pot, errrrr, who knows, ha.

I have myu first harvest in jars, but wow, I need to empty them and refill with harvest number two.

My experience is product will keep for years and be good if kept in mason jars after being properly cured. They need to be left in a dark and somewhat climatically stable place. Mason jars will still breath due to atmospheric pressure unless hermetically sealed which is through a process of heat = canning. And this process would probably destroy the weed. So in order to minimize breathing I keep my weed in mason jars, in cardboard boxes, in my crawl space. Labeled of course for date, time, quality and variety. I don’t have enough room in my freezer for my stash. I’m am not going to say freezing is bad its just I have no experience with it. Vacuum packing, I am afraid of smashing wonderful product. I would use this technique only if I had a huge harvest, like an acreage type of farm. It is more cost effective to use vacuum seal, its just not for me.
I have buds that are 6 years old and show very little if no deterioration and I love the nostalgia of cracking open a long time sealed jar and remembering the grow including life experiences of the time.

Its a wonderful life.
Regards and happy holidays everyone.



Well, I always figured vacuuming of anything is a good thing to do. Techically, I suppose vacuum packed jars could keep cannabis a long time, not needing to heat up, but use of a vacuum packing attachment for jars, I have one.
Of course, freezing space is tight too, a person has too much then it aint so great an idea to freeze.

Thanks so much for your suggestion,I was wondering if I choose the mason jar method as opposed to freezing due to space,do you fill the jars to the brim(right to the top)or do you leave a little bit of space,I’m using the one quart jars,also do I de stock the buds completely,(I like to leave some stalk to hold the buds)
This is my first grow and I’m coming up to six months of curing and want the herb to stay fresh and potent
Thanks again

Yea leave some stem. As for head room I generally get about an ounce of weed into a quart jar. So if you scale the product before permanently jarring it - it will stay the same weight and be good for barter/trade.
I am glad this information helped you and congratulations on a successful grow.


I just saw an alert to this, from ten months ago, and things this year changed for me, I did the jar thing for awhile, but ended up vacuum packing in plastic bags and freezing, and I had grown more than I could ever use, so I was able to share with some other medical marijuana card holders alot of what I had, still have a fair amount. Jars are great for the stems left on of course, cause vacuum packing with stems, the stems like to poke the bag, but I wanted to freeze my stuff, and glass jars I don’t think hold up in freezing. Plus, the jars would take up too much room in a freezer.

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