Vacation Watering Indoor Soil Grow

How does one water an autoflower indoor soil grow when away for an extended period of time?

I’m new to growing MJ. Big time indoor and outdoor veggie gardener. I am three weeks into an autoflower grow (blueberry) and I may have to leave town for a week due to a potential family emergency. Could be any time in the next month. I have used watering stakes for houseplants in the past (ceramic with wine bottle type) but don’y know if this will work. I have four 3 gallon smartpots in a tent with LED light. Temps reliably between 73-78. Worried that my plants will dry out unless I have some system in place to water. I’m in MA so its legal to grow my own but don’t want to advertise. As a very last resort I have a buddy that I trust to do a watering for me. But, as they say, the first rule in keeping a secret is to not tell anyone. Any ideas? The sudden departures may be necessary several time this spring/summer.

Went thru this recently. I was gone 6 days, adjusted my feeding schedule before hand, fed/watered the day I left and filled the stakes with water. Then on day 4 had a friend water and top off stakes. I left ph’d water for him. My plants were fine. I had 2 flowering, 2 vegging at the time. Hope this helps.

They actually have an answer for prolonged hydration besides timers they call it water crystals Soil Moist is one brand it can be added to soil at start and what they do is absorb water turning into a gel which slow releases water to your plants it can retain moisture for week or more. But plant stakes are simple option too or self watering trays

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There is another solution that @garrigan62 is using on his current grow to water his plants. I will post the link


Thanks. Did the stakes really need to be topped of or was it simply insurance? Like I had mentioned, trying not to break rule one of keeping a secret in not telling anyone.

I wondered about the crystals. Do they have any detrimental affect upon allowing the root system to “breath” in the drying out process? The same goes for the watering trays. I have my autoflowers in 3 gallon smart pots and two of three have just started the bloom phase (blueberry). The third (amnesia haze) is still vegging.

I’ve seen some reports of failures so I am leary of getting one of these.

Not an endorsement of any product. Just an idea. Let us know what you decide to go with and how it works out.

The bottles in the stakes were down 1/3 to 1/2 way, just for insurance they were re-topped.

I did use the clay watering stakes and my plants were fine when I returned. It was only five days so I could have probable just watered and taken off (assuming that watering was due at time of departure. Thanks for all the input you guys. My auto blueberry is full of buds and the amnesia haze auto is curiously still in a big and beautiful veg state at seven weeks. Whats up with that?

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Is the [quote=“newauto2, post:10, topic:10342”]
amnesia haze

An auto flowering?

If you still have the package they came in? -A or -F is the key? No pics of the packaging though.

I still have the packaging. They are identified with Am H A-5. Assuming the A is for autoflower. Still no sign of flowering.

excellent then those would be Autos for sure. My AK47 was in flower at 7 weeks as well.

How about a couple of pics in white or natural light of the AH @newauto2

Here are photos of the blueberry s growing right next to the amnesia haze as well as the nonflowering am haze. All three cracked at the same time and receiving the exact same nutes. I had what looked like a pH issue (too low, photos looked like a copper issue 12 days ago (edges of leaves yellowed)). I flushed and adjusted the next watering to the high end (7.0). Blueberries responded well. They were weeks into flowering when the issue came up. The Am Haze has just kept growi

ng fuller. Even cut some of the top ones off because they were shading the entire top.

If she is big enough for you flip the light to 12/12 and see if that will help her along. I have seen that in autos a few times. They just need a nudge. @newauto2

Thanks Bob31. I came to the same conclusion and have been moving her out of my grow tent and into a dark closet during the day for the past two days. If she does flower, the yield should be good with all the tips that have developed. I will keep posting status as the 12/12 progresses.

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Some of the girls can be stubborn! @newauto2 MJ plant girls I’m referring to!