Vacation or extended absence


How do ya’ll go on vacation if you always have something growing?


Easy pre plan set up in advance than go, that way nothing is ever last minute and you already have solutions to keep plants alive while gone


Why go on vacation I have paradise growing in my basement
Actually @Majiktoker has better advice lol


@Countryboyjvd1971 I figured as much lol
@Majiktoker I am not knowledgeable of what those preparations are but they sound pricey. Either way I’m not planning anything for more than 2 days so I should be good.


Those are things you’ll have to learn in time with guidance


“It’s the journey” :relaxed:


Absolutely right, and your only at the beggining


I guess that all depends on hole long your going to be gone. but there are methods you can apply.



Oh good lord…

Just leave your door unlocked and ask your neighbors to come over and take care of your plants for you.



Alot of us dont live in legal states not the best of advise


Lol… I was only kidding!


You could set up a drip type system on a timer valve to water your plant


I was in cosco other day seen nice auto watering planters for me it’s simple I do res change go to ph perfect in close to full dose and good to go for 4 or 5 days but I certainly wouldn’t leave during first 3 weeks of flower too much going on growth rates are too fast