VA peeps: interesting twist. no way to currently test for THC

Virginia: For the moment, there is no way to test for actual THC content. this man was cited for possession of marijuana for which he had a receipt stating it was CBD. this could potentially throw out a lot of possession charges in the coming weeks until they get a way to field test.


Very interesting. Kinda opens a window into things we’re not supposed to know about.


Interesting but the bottom line every state should have at least medical cannabis legal. And quit wasting court systems time. Just my opinion.


Yours and most of the country’s opinion. Soon. Very soon.

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I run in to one of my state representatives at the gym back in September. After I brought the subject up on medical cannabis. He started talking about the same thing as the post . Cost the taxpayers and system too much money to test every Bud that somebody’s caught with to see THC content. He said he would vote for it and seemed to think within a couple years. We had a good positive conversation.


Yeah NC just passed a bill making smokable hemp illegal because of this… such bs just because you can’t test shouldn’t make it illegal.


ILLEGAL. i guess that’s the other way to take things… smh

Mind you two of the largest insurance providers are based in NC… but I’m sure that didn’t have anything to do with it :see_no_evil:

@Sirsmokesalot I really hate to hear that I feel like that is a backslide in the wrong direction. They have had smokable hemp flower for a while that’s why I really thought medical would be not far behind.

and yet… SURPRISE!

i actually couldn’t find this thread earlier (yeah my own thread) because something similar happened in NY a few days ago.


So messed up.