VA Outdoor grow

1st Virginia outdoor grow. Unknown strain close to harvest. Plant 12-14ft with massive colas top side. 5 months in close to harvest.

Any suggestions for drying would be helpful due to limited space and potential yield from these monsters.



There are several ways I built this rack out of an old greenhouse.

12 ft means unless you have really tall rooms that curing on the stalk is out. I would wet trim then hang my colas from whatever in a cool dark room.

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We have an old shed with an 8 ft ceiling. I think hanging the plants in sections is the plan. I know of at least 25 fat to very fat colas on 1 plant . Some over a foot plus in length. All will dried separate from the main plant. Just a lot of plant to harvest. We may wet trim some of the lower flowers to save space as well. Looking at the plant how close would you say we are?


Grow smaller plants :grin:. Those are pretty freakin’ spectacular ,good job!

Hah…thx…we did not expect all this.

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You’re welcome. I wish I had that same problem. I love our new laws and it makes my heart happy to ride down the road and see huge plants hovering 10-15 feet above ground.

Are you in Virginia as well?

I have done 1 indoor grow. Not the greatest but learned a lot. Just started 2nd grow indoors with hopes of a better yield .

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Yes I am , in Happy Green hills of SwVA. This years is my first season in about 20 years( didn’t have time to go to jail over a few plants. I have never tried indoor but after my harvest I am going to give it a try


Nice healthy looking plants.

Indoor way more controlled and more hands on . Good luck with your harvest!

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very nice looking plants and an even nicer yield coming! congrats.

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Thx much….not looking forward to the trim

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will be SOOO worth it after though when finally dried/cured and being lit and partaken of, knowing all the while “I did this!” :slight_smile: happy growing

Wow SW Va here too awesome ladies. I planted in May and my plants are still small help

Today I grabbed this AK-47 autoflower because of some white funk in the bud. Is that mold? Mildew? Bud rot? The husband is concerned about something on the bottom of the cola, but I can’t see anything odd.

This plant started budding as soon as we put it outside in May and never got more than 6 inches tall.

Can this bud be saved? Can I keep the bits that don’t have mold?

Def mold….and could be deeper in the bud than what your seeing. You can remove that section carefully if needed. I would split open that bud to see how deep that mold got…that’s where the bud rot starts and spreads …autos can be funny. Def would consider where you purchase your seeds. Hit or miss when buying online. Good luck!

Thank you! I tossed any budlets that showed mold. I don’t see any mold in the cola, but I’ll pick it apart to be sure.

These are ILGM seeds. We mulched them pretty well with straw. That and July in general may have encouraged the mold.

It sitting so low to the ground probably added to the problem. I would start em in 5 gallon pot, get there root structure going good then put in the ground…including pics of 2 of fems started in a tent and now in my friends moms garden….these are babies that will be monsters!!….plus the 1 auto in my tent now about 1 week from harvest….

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Better pics of my indoor auto …week 8-9

Buds are supper dense and weighing the branches down….less yield than growing outdoors but easier to maintain

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Beautiful! Ours started blooming as soon as they hit the ground in May. We will try this strain inside at some point and see if they do better.

Still so much to learn!

Better pics of whole plant. Auto flower week 8-9