Uzing Ozone to treat mold on curing plants

Hello all, I live in a north western US growing zone. I grow outside with no other option. Protection for the plants is not possible. These conditions have led to something farmers have faced for a long time. Insects and Mold are the biggest adversaries I have. I have found as many have, these diablos love the biggest buds. Searching the forum for how to live with this over the years, has given me help for the worst growing conditions that I have. I select seeds for climate, use BT and Serenade. I only get early flowering seeds. I normally lose 25% or so to Rot. You just wonder if you missed some rot and, didn’t toss it out during harvest.

One thing I was wondering about Ozone. I I have read that many of us use Ozone for smell control. What if I turned the machine on in the room while the buds were curing? I have read here that it can be done and, that it should not be done. It seems that some people feel it will kill the mold and keep you from smoking it. Some feel it will eliminate the terpenes. There doesn’t seem to be a topic specifically related to using ozone while curing. I did see some reference by @latewood, @kabongster and @Oak . I wonder if anyone has any direct experience with actually trying to sterilize the Rot that may still be deep in the buds with Ozone. If it does eliminate the terpenes, I wonder if it destroys anything else. Would it still be good for oil? I use CO2 extraction. I can always add terpenes later. Perhaps a small does of Ozone will do the job and not eliminate the terpenes?

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Peroxide and water may be a better choice to combat mildew and bud rot. A 50/50 solution of water and 3% will melt that stuff immediately. Has to be applied to the live plant or at harvest.

I do a bud wash on all of my plants using peroxide.


What Myfriendis410 said…:vulcan_salute:


I have never tried a bud wash. Can I do it after the buds have been drying for a while? No taste or any bad effects from Peroxide? Potency the same etc? I would love to try this! What is the peroxide to water ratio?

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Here you go I got something for you :wink: @bmorgil and @Willd and @Niala deal with it as well as myself I do the wash


You probably have some time after cutting down the plant material before it’s too dry to wash in peroxide. Not knowing how long they’ve been hanging I couldn’t tell you.

I wash (did today) using 1 cup of peroxide per 5 gallons. 3% I’ve soaked for 45 minutes on occasion. The aroma is marvelous when it comes out of the bath. Cured cannabis stays green longer in the jar too.

I also treat my plants during the grow using a 50/50 solution sprayed on the plants to combat white powdery mildew and to prevent bud rot.

Peroxide is completely benign: it breaks down around organic material into water and oxygen. Washed down into the roots occasionally can improve the root quality. Hydro growers love it.


OK I am going to do this on the plant I still have up for sure! I already have hacked out the rot on my other plants and they are hanging. I don’t think I can do this once I have them drying for a few days? Thanks a bunch @Hogmaster. So no go on the Ozone then? @Myfriendis410, It has been up for 1 week.

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Yeah; I’d be reluctant to do anything with it now.

I had some bud rot issues a month ago and what I did was excise the bad stuff back to green plant material and then soaked in that solution concentration for 45 minutes before rinsing and drying/curing. It turned out well and despite the early harvest got 7 oz from it. (Should have been double)


I have a small ozone generator and am like you, I have heard lots of confusing info…I use mine between grows in my cellar to freshen up the air…from what I have read the concentration of ozone necessary to kill mold spores and fungi is higher than what my unit produces…I run it for 6-8 hours with fans circulating the air, moving the unit a few times to different parts of the cellar…dunno how much it helps but I feel better using it.

if you do try it, the flavor and aroma will be ruined but the THC should be okay.

my advice is the same as @Myfriendis410

toss the mold


I have never used one but did some research on them. My conclusions were theyw ere best used while growing…in a tent. They will likely remove smell and flavor but according to my research its not usually permanent…smell and flavor will return upon curing.

again…have not actually done it…so it is all second hand information.


there has to be 8 hours of ozone generated at 0.20 ppm then 8 hours of ventilation minimum to help control/kill molds, bacteria and bugs…thanks @Niala for that info

I have read about the generators being used during a grow for the extra oxygen atom ozone releases, even in hydroponics, but have no experience with that…


Definitely a subject that I can’t get a lot of hard data on. Thanks for what you all have said here. It makes sense that if it removes smell, it is strong stuff. I’ll keep searching for more. Good info on the ppm and timing required. Thanks @kabongster and @Niala, if I try it… those are the numbers I will use. I can provide that level and timing. In the interim… I will use @Myfriendis410 's suggestion and wash method.