UVB lighting suggestions?

Hey all. I’m using a Spider Farmer SE3000 led in my 3x3 and would like to introduce a little UVB light without breaking the bank. What’s some good ways of doing this?

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You will want to turn a uvb light on during the last 1/2 hour of your light cycle in the last 2-3 weeks of flowering. It is very easy to burn your plants with uvb. It is easier on your plants to run uva during entire light cycle from 3rd to 4th week of flowering thru to the end

I use 4 ft uva black light strips zip tied to my led light bars of the main flowering light

Based on suggestions from members of this forum I went the UVA route as well. Got the HLG uv30 XL. I’ll be using it for the first time in the next couple weeks. Migro sells a uvb light for around $90. No matter which brand you choose it should be under $100. From what I’ve read be prepared to buy new bulbs regularly. I can’t give an opinion based on experience, but I’ve never been told wrong on this forum. From that I’d suggest you consider UVA instead.


Thanks a million! I went and read as much as I could find on the topic and have decided on the HLG UV30 XL as well.


I think you have missed the October sale. But you can try the discount code “DUDE” when you place the order.

First thing I noticed when I took mine out of the outer box was the big gold made in China sticker. Same can be said about most, if not all, the other options. Several companies sell the exact same light under a different name. Search uva led grow light and you’ll see several pics of the same light (downward facing cord and all). HLG sells it a little cheaper .

I run my uvas on 12-hour same as lighting during flower works great :v:


I second @JJ520 12 hours on with UVa


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