UV? or Not UV?...... That's the question

Ok so… I am a DJ and i have a few extra 100w LED UV blacklights laying around…

The say that they are 380-400nm which would make them UVA I believe.

are they something I could or better SHOULD use in my 3x3 tent as a supplemental source of UV?
I have heard and read that UV is good…primarily during final weeks of flowering but some say all the time. “they” say it increases the terpines and potency has been recorded to increase by 20+%

Anybody have input on this since I have them laying around anyway maybe throwing a couple in the tent? If so during normal light time? How long? any info and suggestions are welcome. black light 1

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@dbrn32 would be the best one to answer that question although the studies I’ve heard of reported minimal increase in yield or potency. UV is antifungal and antibacterial so there may be a health component to running some and plants do see UV. Whether it’s worth the investment in electricity though…

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I believe the sanitary properties of UV are in the UVC spectrum… and thats actually not good for anything…these are UVB

as far as electricity… these lights “say” 100 w but like with most LED lamps that is highly exaggerated probably more like 50 so i guess its not that much to run…

like I said I have them sitting here any way… just not sure of how long, when, and IF…

Try them and see. You are probably correct guessing they are less than 100 watts. I would see what people are doing with hlg uva bars and try to replicate, then see how things go.

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imanneri started to run the uva bars thru the whole grow start to finish as of now thru veg i see no differences using it vs not using it. In flower i have noticed a huge spike in tic production and the go on from start to finish with lights @Hellraiser uses them same way i believe all 12 hrs they r on. Good luck. Hope they work out for ya

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What is the thc content with vs without?