Utilize space for clones

A question from a fellow grower:

Maybe you can help me work around my problem without having to do the obvious. I have 1 tent for my grow. How can I utilize this only space so I can have clones as well. 24×24×55 is all the space I have. I know to fix this is to obviously get another tent or some sort and another space so I can have clones and my mother but was just wondering if there wer any alternative options. Closet grower here so I don’t have many

I used to do the same thing I did an over/under but you’re limited by 55" so I’m not sure you’ll fit

if you can keep it to a foot maybe you could do it w/ fluorescence, that’s the only thing I can think of
-good luck

if you are in veg you can clone right in veg room under same light schedule by using a dome and keeping clones further from light