Using voodoo juice in soil

I’ve read online that you should let your water aerate for 30 min before adding voodoo juice but i don’t know if they’re talking about letting it aerate in a tub or bucket with an air stone like you would for hydroponics or just letting my jugs of water just sit there with the tops off for 30 min wich is what i have been doing. What do y’all think?

@Krayzie30 I use Voodoo Juice along with the other AN products. I don’t have airstones or a bubbler of any sort (yet, thinking of getting a fishtank pump if I can find one cheap or free on Craigslist), but I do fill my bucket up with water and let it sit for at least 24 hours if I remember to! Then add the nutes in.
It probably works better if you do aerate it, but it still works if you don’t. Haven’t killed any of mine yet!