Using Uvonair for ventilation

Question from a fellow grower: Have you ever heard or used a machine called Uvonair 1000? I am considering purchasing one for total smell control and I’ve read that it all so helps plants by giving them ozone and that they will be stronger greener and healthier by the use of the Uvonair 1000 or similar machines, any thoughts?

my understanding of ozone is that it should not be placed in the room with flowering plants, but outside grow tent is fine. also ozone is a lung irritant. i considered ozone and skipped it


In line Carbon filter would be safest way to clean the air of smell
I recycle my air from flower room to my basement and back into flower using carbon filters in each direction intake and exhaust and have zero smell from flower room

Ozone machines are not designed to run continuously in a occupied space and all safety warnings should be followed and understood
Happy growing :v: CB

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