Using trim with clear trichomes

I needed to trim some fan leaves so light could reach more of the bud. Most of the trichomes on leaves are clear. Should I save and add with remaining trim when i harvest or compost?

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That is completely up to you some of the tricomes are still clear when you harvest so it’s likely some are already going to be in there. So more clear = less potent but it really just depends on the affect you are looking for and how big a batch of sugar leaves you are going to use to do what you need. I personally save all my sugar leaves and just throw them together in the hash bags

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I would save it personally and process it with the rest how far away from harvest are you
And fyi the buds dint need the light the leaves process the light

Heres a good link to read through

Thanks for your help. I think I am about a week away. I was thinning out the middle. To increase light and airflow. I tried lst and it seemed quite effective until the few last week weeks. At which time the bus are too close. I was strategic in my removals only taking off what was desperately needed.

Thanks again

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I will prune for better are flow by removing lower growth and shoots again I usually wait until early flower to do so unless it’s creating a issue
If you have any other questions feel free to tag me @Kathy2472