Using the mostly seed weed from my hermies

any suggestions for using the plant that was harvested a week or so early due to ABUNDANCE of seeds ? female went hermie on some Nice size plants- especially the smaller popcorn buds are totally seeds- I am going to harvest this ASAP for one i need the tent and for two Im totally pissed off lol YIKES!
is there something that is suitable for these plants since they are early harvest. : bubble hash or something else? the Tricomes are mostly cloudy and hairs are just starting to turn maybe barely 10%- I just want to clean the tent and start my new plants that are ready for this big tent- so all suggestions would be LOVED

You could make bubble hash or some butter for cooking…you can find recipes on here just put in the search engine bubble hash or eatibles

thanks @Allen13420 -have you ever harvested early ? how did things turn out?

Yes I have had to just like you are doing now. Have had plants turn hermie. And I have just dried and smoked them or turn them into bubble hash. Even when the trics aren’t fully mature they will still give ya a pretty good buzz. It will just not have that stoney couch lock effect. But in ur case with the seeds already there if it was me i would just make the hash considering you have enough for it to be any amount. It takes a lot of plant material to amount to much.

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My last harvest was early but unfortunately it couldn’t be avoided. Plenty of cloudy trichomes but also plenty of clear, still gives a great buzz on the odd occasion i smoke it, had mates who smoke a hell of a lot more than me try it and they kept coming back. So i think you’ll be fine, if there was still plenty of cloudy trics it’ll be strong enough. I also made canna butter out of 2oz of popcorn buds and leaf and all i can say is… I wouldn’t eat more than half a cookie