Using the best fert

G’day stoners, I’ve been told that cow and chook shit is the best fertiliser you can get, is this right or not. As a newbe grower any help would be welcomed, cheers in advance

Hi. Welcome.

The best soil amendments are the ones you need. In other words, thoroughly mix a big batch of the soil you’re gonna use, and then have it tested at a laboratory, preferably one that tells you what to amend for if growing tomatoes or cannabis.

This is true whether you’re going to use native soil from your yard, or bagged soil/medium from a horticultural supplier.

Does that make sense?

Thanks mate , where I live many different small crops of food are grown ie: tomato’s , corn , macadamia nuts , mangos and avocados, I’m thinking should I stop on the side of the road and grab a few buckets of soil from a farm

Because you mentioned manure, I assumed you are planning to grow outdoors. I guess I shouldn’t assume.

No, I wouldn’t try to buy soil from a farmer; how would you even get a decent amount home? But a tomato farmer might tell you a lot about the local soil quality, and which labs they use for testing. Again, I advise that you rely on a lab test (which are really inexpensive here in the US) to figure out what to add.

Personally, I look at soil as a crop in and of itself. There are some things I grow in my soil just to improve the soil. Have you a lot of gardening experience?

Another great way to get soil is to order built garden/ not lawn/ soil. You can usually buy it delivered by dumptruck and some companies sell it in large grain bags that hold a couple cubic yards.
I have a small dumptruck so I just got a local farm where I know they are expanding and I get deciduous tree soil ( cottonwood or birch ) in a bog. After years of these trees decomposing leaf matter the resulting loamy soil is ideal for growing cannabis. Perhaps your gums or eucalyptus are like that? You would have ask local farmers about soils appropriate for veggie gardens. Generally speaking, soil that is good for veggies is good for cannabis. Yes you can also use well rotted animal compost. You can also use lawn and leaves with manure to create your iwn compost pile… add some worms to make it better!

Are you planning on setting an outdoor plot?
Im not an experienced weed grower but I’ve done some years of gardening and work with nurseries etc… Don’t ask me how many years…
If u are planning on using your yard as a garden then step one is to buy a ten dollar ph test kit, figure out what your native soil has and doesn’t have. Then dig a hole 2 feet deep or as deep as u can and look at what’s there, red, brown, lime, sandy etc. I’ve never been to australia but I’m assuming it’s rocky and sandy.
Either way, figure out what you need to add to your native soil, plow, top, turnover, and compost and let it cook.
There’s a famous aussie youtuber who has an amazing farm. I don’t think he grows csnnibus, but he has videos on how to shape your soils in ground and raised beds, and he will obviously be an expert to your native environment. I think his page is “self sufficient me”… He’s a garden genius and funny

Thanks for your help guys, it’s nice to know there are good people around to offer help