Using SuperThrive in Nutrient Mixture as an additive

Hey all!

So I was reading through a book on cannabis cultivation and hydroponics and it mentioned a vitamin solution known as Superthrive. It has a concentrate of vitamins that supposedly helps increase growth and yield, so concentrated in fact it recommended only using 1 tablespoon per roughly 15-20 gallons, and you have to ensure you watch your Ph as it can turn it more acidic.

If anyone has used this stuff before would you be able to provide some insight on how (if) it helped out your grow at all.

Thanks in advance!

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@garrigan62 should be able to answer your questions :slightly_smiling_face:


It is recommended by a lot of people and mentioned in several grow bibles/guides. I do not use it in my regular water /nutrient cycles . but I do use it in my compost teas and when watering cuttings/clones. It seems to act as a tonic for plants and a stress reducer when cloning. Its very concentrated so I use sparingly.


I’ll have to give that a try, I still have issues with clones on occasion and get kinda upset when I get a good phenotype and its clones end up kicking the bucket.

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it also helps when transplanting in soil. it has micronutrients and relieves stress on the plant.

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Yes I use it all the time. Mostly with my clones and in transplanting . And yes you must watch how much you use. But ya it has worked great for me. Well mostly the plants that is.
For a gal of water i’ll use 2 mil along with two cap full of Hydrogen Peroxide and 2 mil of Root Stimilant


One of the main ingredients in superthrive is triacontanol. I believe it’s sourced from alfalfa extract. It’s also the main ingredient in very high priced solutions like canna boost.

Shouldn’t be too difficult to find the benefits.


hello their. Can you please give me a recommendation on how I should use the super thrive? I am switching out my plant soil to a more adequate one.

also I just accidentally seperated the bottom 3rd of my plants roots from the plant when I was freeing it of its pot…any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Use it all the time. I just added it to my nute tea. It also came in a seed starter kit- a whole 72 cell tray with 7.5ml of superthrive per gal. This started some good veggies. But i use less than 2ml per gal with the nute solution with the girls. It simple, easy and at the local hardware store- HD

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