Using soil how hot can it be in room?

was doign DWC hydro but hot weather kept leading to root rot…how hot can it be for a soil grow? 80f ok?

Low 80s will be fine for vegg. During flower however, you probably want a little lower. Buds won’t be as dense in a hot climate

Im in soil and my temperature is from 75 to 86 and have no problems.
83 degrees is a sweet spot for plant photo synthesis and if you study a VPD chart you can get things really going with your microbes and myconize for your roots . I get big buds and can really drop my humidity in the last 3 weeks of flower


How do you know when its the last 3 weeks? Any signs to look for? I know when trichomes turn amber harvest time…but how do you know 3 weeks before?