Using seeds from a herme plant

I’ve came across a amenisa plant which produced seeds from the bud. Obviously the seeds hasn’t been feminised. What will the outcome be ?male or female? The seeds was really decorative and had a lot of stripes on them. I decided to give them a go and plant them. Currently into 2nd week of veg using very low feed with only a couple Mls of vitalink a n b with some super thrive… ph is at 6.5 in coco soil… any tips or advice on the best nutrients to use IF THE plants turns out to be a girl …

If the plant was stressed and was a female and it bred with its self, than it’s a female, only way it’s not gunna turn out to be female, is if it was bred and pollinated by a female.

If she bred with another female, than chances are your gunna have feminized seeds. Coco is considered a form of hydro, and your ph in coco should be 5.3-5.8 so if possible that can be dropped down and what you feed is honestly a personal preference lol, however in flower I’d recommend fox farm nutrients or General hydroponics nutrients. Bio products are great products as well

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Yeh I was told it was a stressed female. I haven’t came across the fox farm feed so it’s new one to me. Will get that ph down on the next feed. Since I’m using the coco canna soil… you recommend using hydro based feed ? Hopefully they’ll be girls . Thanks for your advice :pray::+1:

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Soil feeding should work fine, when you feed in soil every thing is a 1/4 tsp and cal mag is 1 tsp per gallon of water, or you can feed hydro based, it would be the same thing, and same amount

Sorry, but has anybody else here considered that the seeds you get could produce nothing more that more hermi’s. Whenever a plant makes any deviation from normal I destroy it and get rid of anything belonging to it. First of all most of us are using feminized seeds to start with, these seeds have already been altered! When you have a feminized seed turn hermy, the seed has genetically exploded, the plant that grows may not be any ware near what you had originally planted! Another practice that I am hearing of, are people taking a regular male from regular seed and then breed it to a feminized seed? Why would anyone do this? We could destroy certain landraces forever! If people continue with this practice many old strains would fall away forever. Even if the same two strains were brought together for a certain finished product or new strain. The second time around it may be nothing like the first time you bred it. You may not ever get that taste again without going back to the same situation that you started with! It’s late and I can’t stand up to go to bed. If anyone wants to debate this tomorrow, I will be fully erect by lunchtime! Lol. Thanks Mike

Well that’s what I thought originally it would of produced a hermi plant. Only time will tell on this crop.

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