Using Roberts marijuana booster

You right , I was being silly

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Your alright, at least you have a great sence of humor about it lol :smile:

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Hi, I agree with You Yoshi as I just started harvesting a crop that was grown with Roberts trio of nutrients. I am glad I used it and will use again. Mike

Master grower ?

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What’s up how are you, not quiet a master grower yet though I wish to be and might be soon lol

OH he’ll spare me the sympathy love , you know you are a master cultivator , can’t wait until you teach me how to grow 4-6 different strains like you do ?

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Haha I grow more then 4-6

My starters there are 7 and i have one more outside,I have 2 clones ready to cut 25 more from 3 different plants, and have 5 in 2 different flower rooms so 10 total flowering, and 10 more ready to shift into flowering when they finish.

Thanks for the compliment, And I’m always up for mentoring

Once I get the time I’ll chime , but wow that’s a lot of work though ?

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Eh not really my friend, I’ll be waiting

Teach me teach me !!!

Lol whenever your ready you can send me a pm