Using Roberts marijuana booster

Hello I am starting my first grow and I am not sure whether if I was to use the marijuana boosters would I need any other nutes to go with it to yield some nice dense resinous buds or could I achieve this just using the three bottles?

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You can achieve it using those nutrients, they are specifically for cannabis, a lot of people here probably mix the conosouir a and b or sensi a and b nutrients along with other certain advaced nutrient product’s

Yes you can get very nice dense buds with Roberts (ILGM) nutrients along just with three trio !!!


I third the motion…


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Cheers for the help guys I think I will go with sensi a & b along with roberts ILGM boosters
Would anyone recommend anything else to go with it cheers


I think your looking pretty good buddy, you should do fine with those 5

Thanks everyone for the advice appreciate it

using Roberts booster after changing out reservoir of the flora series nutes. grow in a aerogarden
with a 1.1 gal resevoirr and added the grow booster of 2 tsp, but ppm is only 170. should I add more
booster. was under the impression could use Roberts nutes thru whole grow. plant is 5 wks in veg.
should I add more flora series to the nutes or more of Roberts nutes? water coming out of tap is ppm 70

Ppm should be about 400 and raised every two weeks by 200 I think , I’m not sure but as long as you keep your N.P.K. Ratio in the right range , you should be able to add more or combined as long as you don’t go over the range of what the plant can use right now …does that make sense ?

Yes it does ,thank you

Happy growing,


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I have ordered Roberts booster and planned to solely use them alone, do any of you out there that use it, use it alone or does it need some base nutrients?

You can use it alone or add other nutrients to it

I was thinking of the Canna range, but it’s expensive as! Would you still use Canna Flores and Canna Vega and maybe even pk 13-14 with the booster?

I use the fox farm trio with them (open sesame, beastie bloomz, and cha ching). You can also use big bud, rhino skin, and terpinator with Roberts nutrient boosters

Those are all hard to come by here, Canna’s full range is on the shelf here, I was going to go with it due to availability but it was going to cost $160 per cycle, and Roberts will be around 35, be good if you could buy single or bigger bottles of Roberts as you go through the 3 bottles at different rates so by time 1st bottle is empty, I may have half of 1of the other bottles left. I might try Roberts trio, then try adding Cannazym, rhizoctonic and and ok 13-14

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OH woo you gave up the beans , but you didn’t tell them if they used that formula , they must have a sure venting system , carbon scrubber inside and outside the grow space . Super strong and purgent odor using those nutrients in combination .

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Lmao what do you mean I gave up the beans my friend, how are you, and thank you kindly for covering that as well.

If I spilt the beans on what I do with mean no lol i mentioned about 1/4 of the nutrients I use, and no growing methods or teqniques were mentioned lol

But you gave up the serum to get that loud pack , and it takes a few runs to get it figured out on timing with the serum .

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But with the proper guidance which our fellow grower has here, it will be no problem to figure it, granted im sure there will be a problem here and there as we all experience problems here and there, but still nothing that can’t be managed lol.

And you still lost me with the “serum” my friend, cause those aren’t the only nutrients I use, and i have a whole other set for veg, and i veg my plants for 3-4 months