Using RO water system need help!

Hello everybody I’m currently in the process of jumping into reverse osmosis system but I’m kinda confused my local grow supply store has them in stock but 150gallons is the smallest they have I’ve been looking online and i see there’s others of smaller gallons that can be used for the house

Now my question is can I use the under sink RO system? Is it the same as the growers RO system that has more gallons ? If anyone can help would be great

Definitely an option. I was about to get an undersink one but saw how much water it wastes. It uses like 3gallons of tap to make one gallon of ro. The rest goes down the drain. Too much waste for me but I pay alot for city water

@Calizona yeah I saw that too but I mean At this point it’s a lot cheaper and less time consuming than going out to get water every other 3 days water isn’t so expensive here as I pay like $47 Every 3 months

So under sink RO system will work the same as my grow supply has in stock

Because my confusion is growers RO system cannot be used for drinking water but the under sink one says it can be used for drinking water :exploding_head:


you can get the under sink kind either way. when they say drinking water they are telling you (kinda) that the minerals are put back in the finished water. look at the different modules in the system one of them is for adding the minerals back in the water. If it’s for plants I’d get the one without that module.

Ohhh okay I get so look for the ones that don’t have that filter that adds the minerals back I gotcha @pillsbury thanks

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They are usually listed in gallons per day. That’s the amount they can produce every day.

Hydro logic stealth RO is what I use. Takes a full day to fill my system. I believe it’s the 300 , also make sure whatever you get has a kdf/carbon filter. Newly Upgraded from just carbon filter.

Also they have a waste output line that has to go to a drain. 2 to 1 waste. So keep that in mind.

@BetrayedSoul yeah that’s the one I ended up going with now to confirm I make sure I get the 2to1 and make sure it’s the upgraded carbon filter

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@Fatexotics it has a 2 to 1 waste or a 1 to 1. Just a line you add in it when assembling it. Sont worry it’s easy to assemble. Just adding the tanks to the top.

I ran mine rite into my resivoir for a hydro setup and have the waste line running thru wall to a drain.
It’s easy connections, push fitting.

Filter on left should be dark if it’s the upgraded one. By upgraded I mean it’s a newer model. Here is a pic.

Older model has a green left filter.

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I got it thanks for your help really appreciate it @BetrayedSoul


Why use ro water ?

A lot of us have terrible tap water

@RICK21 reason I’m looking into RO is because my ppm from my tap water is about 300+ and installing RO system saves me time and money

My tap water comes from well it runs around 230 is that too high. There is spring close it usually around 70 ppm. Would that be better than my well water?

@RICK21 not about being to high on ppm what matters is the chemicals that come in tap water using and RO system just makes sure all bad chemicals are removed and it will also help you determine your exact ppm

Ok what about distilled water would that be better than my tap water ?

It will only remove some of the chloramine’s, if your water has it in it. Some really tough stuff & alot of towns are adding it to their water.