Using plant silica

Has anyone used plant silica before? Does it help with L/HST to keep the plant stronger, or has anyone observed other benefits? Just a waste of money?

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Are you referring to silica blast? If so yes I use it once a week and seems to help keep her thriving

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Thanks for the feedback. I was looking at something such as what is in the attached pic.

I’ll definitely look up silica blast.


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I use bulletproof si. It’s not essential in soil as soil already had silica in it but I have noticed more sturdy branching from it. And on top of that it works great as a ph up due to it being really alkaline.


I’ll be kicking in some silica, in the form of Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin, not long after I get my LST (low stress training) started.

If I introduce it prior to the LST I’m afraid it will make the stems and branches harder to bend…

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I’m using the TPS silica. Been using it for a month. I’ve been using the tps one. Added the silica and the root. It’s used every watering at 2-4 mil. Use till week 7 of flower

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Armor si :+1:

Yup I use raw recycled sil, and have noticed some sturdier stalks as well. Bit harder to supercrop em but thats a problem I can deal with!