Using PH / TDS meters

How do I use PH / TDS meters correctly?

Well, You basically take the cap off an insert the 1st inch which contains a probe that reads the values of your PH, and TDS.

PHJ 5,8 for hydro…6.5 for soil

TDS strength iis determined by experience or following the directions on the bottle.

Hope this answers your question. If you post a pik of your pens, perhaps we can help a bit further. Oh yeah, Never allow your probe to dry out.

What type pens do you have?

They are US Digital bought on Ebay. I was using a Rapidtest soil type ph meter It didn’t seem to work well so I figured I would try getting readings from the runoff after watering. My first grow went well till 3rd week of flowering. Been following post on this site and everything was pointing toward ph problems and related issues, so I bought them and want to use them on my next grow I could use a little help on the how to’s of using them

I got around 5oz’s dryed weight from 7 WW feminized. decent weed

It doesn’t matter what type of nutrient you use, it is always a good idea to be able to test EC/TDS/PPM with an actual meter, not by guessing by experience, you are just asking for trouble.

Some nutrients are designed if you follow the directions and are not adding additional nutrients, you should never have a TDS/EC that is too high, but it is never guaranteed if you don’t have a way to check. And you check in a similar manner, no matter if the digital testing device is for pH or parts per million/electrical conductivity. You collect some of the concentrated run off water and dip your tester in there.