Using PC fans for exhaust & intake

A question from a fellow grower:

Here’s a question…im thinking of using two 120mm PC fans for exhaust & intake. I purchased some carbon filter sheets (5"x7" size, 1/8- 1/4" thick?) to go over the fans. What would you suggest? My grow box is 42.7" x 21.4" x 18" Rubbermaid storage tote…stood on end. Lights are hanged from top @ slight diagonal. Also gonna have small desk fan mounted towards top to add a breeze. Any and all thoughts appreciated.

This works fine,Ive always used pc fans.but make sure they do give out some wind,(cfm)or you may have heat issues,ive used 4 in 1 box all working together for more air flow ,also a second hand car battery,that will run 6/8 120mm pc fans for a week,then recharge once a week for about 10p…every little saving helps…I just wish i could store enough solar energy to power a couple ov very large inverters too run my ballasts.Not for want ov trying mind.Imagine free lecky…hmmmmmm.