Using only water and grow lights


I’ve been using water and a grow light only with my indoor plant, would it take longer to grow.


Here’s a pic


there ya go! So you asked a great question. I’m a little medicated… I don’t follow what you are asking?

First what strain are you growing?

Is she an auto?


I gotta tell ya, I’m not crazy about the plastic bag and cardboard box. @Lenardt

MJ Needs well drained soil to grow well and there is no where for the water to go.


I’m not sure what strain or if she’s an auto, is was seed I’ve got from a bud and decided to try and grow


oh ok. on the strain. What are you using for lights and what schedule are they on?

Here are what many of us use for growing.


Right now I am using 16 hour light and 8 hour night, I’m not sure what hours I should be using at this point.


If you are running them 16/8 and the plant has flowered then she is an auto flowering! How old is your girl? Since she sprouted? @Lenardt

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At least punch some pencil-sized holes through the cardboard box and plastic near the bottom, so excess water can drain out. That looks like Miracle Grow potting soil. Does it have nutrients in it? Not optimal, but not deadly either.

Most folks use 18 hours of light and 6 hours of dark, but you might want to use 24/0 to get that little auto girl bigger. If you have a limitation, it’s probably light. More might help.


Get that baby closer to the light at the very least mate. She won’t take longer but she won’t get as big. She lacks light IMO. How far is her top to your light? How old is she from sprout?


@bob31 she’s 12 weeks since sprout
@1BigFella she has no nutrient just straight water
@Powaforce I had the light just over a foot above it but I brought it down now the light sits 7" above the light
Also I put it in a potting pot now.


The plant in the picture is 12 weeks from sprout? @Lenardt

How many nodes does she have?


Yes as long as I can remeber it sprouted in mid July


True set of leaves?



Not to sure what nodes are but here’s a few pics @bob31


Nodes are true set of leaves not counting the first leaves, hope I got that right. Looks like some nute burn on the tips must be the soil …


I think you have a very acute low-light problem. The plant has been stretching to reach better light, which is why it’s so tall and no width. In your last photo I can see that the lower set of leaves are getting less light on the center portion, which says that your light is not reaching them as well. The plant looks pretty good though. Autos are on a fixed and short time schedule, so it won’t take any longer than if you had more light. It’s just going to be very small with probably one small cola.

You need at least 35 watts per square foot (not equivalent watts , but from the wall). That can be from CFL, HID, or LED. Beware LED and CFL manufacturers claims of equivalence to inflated numbers. If you can light a bigger area with that much light, your plant will grow out to use it.

Another reason it could be so small is lack of nutrients. If that potting soil has no nutrients in it, and no compost, etc., then adding some fertilizer would help a lot. It sounds like you are trying to go nutrient-free which gives you very small plants. Don’t go crazy and burn it, but a bit of bloom fertilizer could help. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.