Using milk to prevent powdery mildew

Basically you are trying to raise the PH of the leaf surface as high as possible without damaging leaves. Baking soda, milk, etc would be good. Sourdough is acidic so not sure how well it would work and you have to worry about clogging the stomata and suffocating the plant.


Right! The Whey (Liquids and Lacto Bacillus culture), next time I grow a culture, I’ll PH it. Now I’m curious.


Super skunk when mature has a strong skunk smell. Skunk #1 has a more perfumey sweet skunk smell. The ILGM SS is the real deal I love it.

Skunk#1 has lower potency but grows like a Christmas tree. My bud got his S#1 from some seed shop online called I 49, I got mine from him.

That was my issue I keep damaging the leaves with potassium bicarbonate, which created lots of problems

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I did have to start harvesting early, wpm and rot. Still have one whole plant left that didn’t get either, only one that was outside the makeshift greenhouse. 🤷

However, mother nature isn’t going to cooperate and I don’t believe we are going to get above 65 in the coming weeks.

I have noticed the spare bedroom and half bathroom seem to have gotten a little skunky smell to them :grin: I’m still going to get some S#1 seeds tho. It’s not about the THC content, it’s a certain taste and smell Ive been chasing since the 90’s

I got a bloody Skunk from sweet seeds is pretty skunky! Skunk #1 is what you want :slight_smile:


I am curious about how high PH leaves can tolerate. Not comfortable with using anything that could clog the pores of the leaves. Remember HS biology the have to breath. Maybe they do not teach that in HS any more. High alkaline is not good for most of growing plants.

Smoking that skunk#1 now. It’s a kinda buzzy high that makes you smile for a bit then winds down into a very pleasant body buzz. Kinda the perfect daytime smoke if you ask me. My just harvested not yet cured S#1 taste is a perfume sweet taste, kinda thick smoke that makes even me cough a bit.

The Super Skunk is definitely stronger, way more skunk smelling with more couchlock.

I want to try the lemon skunk

And last but not least and on topic S#1 although it gets powdery mildew and Grey Mold it holds up way better to it than Super Skunk. SS is a no go outdoor here for me in the future

Good question, and one I’m sad to say I don’t have the answer to.

Exactly the buzz I like :+1:

Yeah I’m not going to attempt it again here either. I have to suck it up and grow a strain that will finish in time with a little more resistance to this humid weather. Enjoy your harvest :v: