Using Marijuana Leaves For Mulch?


Cannabis leaves for mulchI came up with my biggest harvest ever this year (over 150 pounds of primo purple hair my 10 Colombo Oaxacan hybrids). I also got about 7 pounds of buds and leaf from the male marijuana plants (all of which were cut down when the buds were primed to open up). I also kept 3 pounds of fallen leaf, 7 pounds of lower and upper leaf, and about 3 pounds of bud leaf. Should I do anything with all this or just use it for mulch?

It’s kind of a waste of a decent high to mulch unprocessed leaf. It does have a lot of valuable nutrient quality, but its THC content will break down by the time the new marijuana plants are in the soil. To process the leaf, screen it and make water hash or tinctures. Once the cannabinoids have been removed, you can use it in the garden for mulching or composting.



Wow, nice harvest. How many plants?
All the lower leaves and stems, in my opinion, are a waste. Don’t shoot me yet. Yes there are cannaboids in them, but the concentrations are very low. In my experience the amount of extract you will get is not really worth ex effort. You have to remember I do this for medical reason, and view it as a business. It just isn’t worth the labor cost. That being said. Try taking the scrap and making extracts. It is a great way to learn without wasting good material. There are a ton of resources on line explaining processes to do this, and it will give you the answer to the question, How much THC or CBD am I wasting be throwing this away. THC extract will give you a slamming high, and give the CBD extract to someone with a seizure disorder. I promise they will thank you.