Using light to manipulate plant cycle

Is it possible to throw an mj plant into the flowering stage early by subjecting it to the flowering lights and adjusting the lighting timing to maybe a 12/12?

Yes if it is a photo

Its a seed from a baggie that we didnt touch…had it over a year…forgot it was in a drawerer…

The one on the right.
Left is my cherrywine hemp.

I know you didnt mean a picture…i just provided one anyways.

But what do you mean by photo?

A photoperiod plant will run its life cycle by the season of the suns cycle and change with the seasons . As the days are long it will remain in its vegetative state and as the days shorten thus also the daytime light will too and this will cause the plant to go into its flowering stage. also the colder temps will let her know its time to finish up so pack on the trichomes and fatten those nugs ups !


Photo period plant. Meaning it requires 12hrs of darkness to trigger flowering. As opposed to an auto which will flower when it feels like it no matter what light cycle it’s on.

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Here is a good article for you to read:

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