Using last year's seeds?


Happy Sunday to everyone, I have a question about seeds? I’m a new grower and was wondering if I purchase seeds this year and don’t plant all of them - will they be good to grow next year? I want to purchase some autoflower seeds , good deal - buy 10 get 10 free - I only want to plant half . Any feedback will be hugely appreciated.
Thank-You MB


Morning @MBgrower cool dry dark place and they should be fine for years!


Good Morning @bob31 for your very quick reply. I have one more question - What should I put them in for storage? Zip lock baggy , air tight mason jar or does it even matter ? Thank you again , I can’t say enough about forum and it’s members. So many knowledgeable people sharing their knowledge and their own experiences.
Thank-You so much :grinning: :evergreen_tree: :heart:


My pleasure!!!

I bought my seeds from ilgm and I just keep them in the packaging they came in.

Some small pill bottles would work though. I keep mine on a shelf in my closet in my grow room / office.


I have to THANK YOU again for your extremely quick response. I wish I could express how much I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with me . Like I stated before I’m a very new grower, although I do slot of reading on growing - nothing even comes close as knowledge through experience. :slight_smile: ::seedling:


Very true! There are a lot of options and lots of things will work. Sometimes it can be info overload and it’s good to do a lot of reading. I have read almost every post made since the first of the year and many older ones.

Download the grow Bible if you haven’t already!

Auto flowering is a good choice too!


I have downloaded the “BIBLE” and iv read it many times , I find it very useful with awesome information. I find myself re-reading and studying different chapters as I’m going along. Now I know I can store my seeds for next year , thanks again to @bob31 .I’ll be putting another order in today. Thank - You for all your support . :smile:


Have you decided what you’re going to order? Lots of autos to choose from!


I keep my seeds in a blacked out Tupperware container in the fridge. All the goldleaf I bought over a year ago had taproots within 24 hours of a water soak, and first leaves within 48 hours of that.

I open the container once a month or so to let the moisture out when storing them.


I too keep them in a bag in a pill container stored in my closet and I have seeds from years, YEARS ago. I still have a 100% germ rate. So you shall be good IMO


Hope so I have seeds that I dont plan on using until 2 or 3 years out . I have known people to grow 5 or 6 year old seeds kept in a old kodak film can in a drawer they had forgotten about.


Yeah I definitely think you should be good.


I just started some beans from a killer bag I got about 4 years ago. 8 beans. 6 popped. :sunglasses:


Yes I’ve done some reading and it seems alot people like the White Widow Autoflower. I’m waiting on an order of regular White Widow that should be here any day but would like to try a few of the auto , What do you suggest?


Welcome to ILGM. Seed age is almost no issue if you keep them dry and cool. Last year I germinated seeds that I know were over 40 years old and had no problems.

As you can see, there are a lot of us here that help out for new (and more experienced) growers with problems. We ALL have problems of some kind during the grows. It is just experience that makes you better as you learn the things not to do. Good luck on your grow. Tag me If you start a journal, love to watch new growers get a good start. Jerry


Yes sir. My current grow is from last years order of seeds. And they look dandy!


MB, @MBgrower Since you already have ww on the way (awesome choice by the way) if you have room consider the blueberry auto or the auto mixpack if you want some variety.

I’m sure some of the others will chime in with their favorite auto flowers!


I like the AK 47 and White Widow. Treat them right, get a great reward. :sunglasses:


Thank You J for introducing yourself. @bob31has already been a GREAT supporter and I can see that you also have the same values with support and knowledge. I did start a Journal and @bob31 d me about the support tag. I don’t have one and it seems like I should have one because @bob31 had mentioned it . I don’t know how to get one but Bob sent me directions on how to do it. I encourage as much help I can get plus I do only have 2 eyes (beginner eyes) Thank You again for your comments, I appreciate your passion and helping out with your knowledge

Thank you for your help
MB :grin:


Hello again. All I can say is “WOW” 40 year of seeds. I was told to keep them in a cold dark place , I can’t get over the age of your seeds !! :astonished: