Using jiffy pots and fabric bags

I like to plant my germinated seeds into 4" jiffy pots. I don’t have to disturb the roots when I transplant to 5 gal fabric pots. Even though the jiffy pots are biodegradable, I still tear out holes for roots to grow thru. There are usually roots protruding from bottom of jiffy cup by the time they get their new home. I have used the plastic cups in the past. I used to use 5 gal buckets with drain holes drilled in bottom. The fabric pots are so much better, has anyone tried putting a aquarium air pump bubbler in bottom of their grow containers? I did this last grow and I believe it helped.

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I love using peat pots. I have had great results with them. Keep them in a cup or tight fitting container and you can easily inspect the progress of the roots for transplanting. Then straight into the dirt.
Fabric pots are the go to for growing for most. Air pruning the roots and lots of O2 can reach the roots and microbes. As far as using an airstone at the bottom of the pots container, Never tried it and don’t think I need to.


As long as its working then don’t change.
I take a solo cup and split the sides before I start a seed. Place that cup in another. Drain holes in both cups. When transplant day arrives just open and drop into a shaped hole in the fabric pot. Takes only seconds and the plant never shows any shock…ever.


I am a first time grower so take my input for what it is worth. I was concerned about disturbing the roots when I transplanted so I also used Jiffy Pots. Per ILGM recommendation, I soaked my seeds in water for 24 hrs and moved them directly to the Jiffy pots. They germinated great. Two weeks later I transplanted- I tore the bottom and about an inch from the top off the jiffy pots and planted them directly into 7 gal fabric pots for indoors and outside with my vegetable garden. My plants showed almost zero transplant shock. Not disturbing the roots seems to be an excellent way to go- in my opinion. Happy growing


I use jiffy pots too. I find them easy to use and they’re cheap. Happy growing

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