Using jewelers Loupe

When looking at the bud for the amber color.
Can I use one bud as the reference for all buds or do I have to look at each bud for percentage of amber color?
I purchase a jewelers Loupe and was surprised how small it is, plus how close you need to get in order to see all the little things going on.
So if I need to look at all the buds it might be a little difficult to get to them.

The top buds will turn amber first so if you just look at all your tops you should be OK


Thank you, will do.
The girls are in their 4 th week of flowering.
Still another 4 or 5 weeks to go.

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I look at the top of the colas and then a few inches down. It’s a judgement call. Tops always amber sooner, and most of the buds are below the top inch or so.

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Yea, I noticed a lot of little buds growing throughout the plant.
They are much smaller than the top buds of course and would seem a little more difficult to get the Loupe in to view them.
I was hoping the process would be uniformed throughout the plant but I can only guess it would be if all the buds got the same amount of direct light as the tops.
Really thinking about trying to do the SCROG technique on my next grow.

Thanks for your input.

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