Using HPS and LED together

I am a soil grow in 3g fabric pots using coco/happy frog mix.
I have 2-600 watt HPS/MH and 2-300 watt Virgin V3 LED lights.
I’m going to try using both in my bloom tent (4x8)…
Anybody have any suggestions on light placement??


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Put the two leds in the middle and hid on ends. You’ll never get them equal or balanced, but you can at least get good spectral mixing where the heart of your canopy is. Depending on your heights, you should be able to get the inside edges of the hid’s to mix with the led.

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I keep both the hps and led about 24" above the canopy…so at least I should be able to keep them from shading each other out…
Should be a great experiment…I’ve read that using both types of lights gives much brighter colors, better resin production and more or better terpines

What if I mixed them…1 hps 1led 1 hps 1 led…
would that help balance them…
Or I was thinking about placing them in a sorta rectangular pattern???

The leds are too weak to cover the 4 foot span alone. The 600’s will barely do it. So you double up on the leds wherever they’re at.

Like this


You’ll get the closest to even canopy this way. Corners will be a little weak, but when aren’t they?


Lol…that looks like a great layout…thank you for your help…:grin:
I’ll make sure to post my progress



No problem! You may have to play with spacing a little depending on heights to get best coverage.

Also a thought…maybe use 2x330w led for veg and use the 2x600 hps for flower…
Trying to get the best I can out of my lights…:grin:
After thought (white widow hehe) if I go with only 2-600 watt hps I may have to shrink my room to maybe
4x6. 4x7??

The two 600’s will do ok in 4x8

I just picked up another 600w HPS…so I’m thinking about doing my 2 330w LEDs in my 4x5 veg tent and putting the 3 600w hps in the full (4x8) flower tent…if I did my math correctly that would give me somewhere near 60-65watts per sq ft…

Just another thought…using the Led’s in the smaller tent will greatly reduce the heat…might even be able to just run fans and save running the AC (except in the summer)…:sunglasses::sunglasses::dash:

Edit: I knew 65w square ft didn’t sound right…I may need remedial math…lol
At 32 sq ft…1800 watts would be 56.25 watts per sq ft…whew I might need to lighten up on the kush…hahaha. NOT

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@Dragon269 im running a combo of 600wHID and 2 450w Viparspectra LED and hoping to get good results. You may want to check your brand of HID and see what the actual watts are. Frim what ive seen, lights run about half the actual posted watts. But let me tag over the go to light guy and see what he has to say! @dbrn32

Edit… i just scrolled up abd @dbrn32 is already here lol

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My 330 watt Virgin V3 actual draw is 297 and 295
My hps are all 652


What’s your sq footage coverage?? If you don’t mind me asking…:sunglasses:


@Dragon269 im in a 4x4x7 tent


Very nice! From what ive read, you/we should get some awesome buds!!!

Nice Scrog…did you use string? When I did my last one I tried 1x2 and string…the next one I’m going to experiment with PVC and hanging it rather than on the floor…old and don’t bend well…LoL

@Dragon269 yep just garden string . Im on the floor now trimming… only 33, but this ish us for the birds! I wanna make individual ones for each plant with pvc and make em on stands!


I used yo yo hangers to make the scrog super easy to move!