Using HLG 260W Full Spectrum Grow Light

I guess it makes sense given they got stunted for about 4 days each then I transplanted into another solo cup with more soil. If you remember they were only half full initially.

I’ve been feeding them 250 ml of water with nutes each day. Each time slightly increasing nutes. I noticed today after I did it the leaves perked up on the right one. Should I continue like this or is it too much?

And why do you reckon the growth is so slow?

I’m still a little green myself but I dont see giving neuts at that age. There’s not enough root there to handle them. Next time put seedling in a clear solo cup first and just slip it into a red one, this way you can remove the clear cup and see the root grouth.


These picts were taken real close to transplant.

She could just be concerned with growing roots right now or the neuts or environmental. Ide give her a week and you will see a change. It was only about this stage I removed the dome. One thing I’ve" kinda" learned is first of all this that we grow is a WEED sometimes the less we fiddle with them the better! Also it’s a WEED they will endure and grow.

haha yeah I’m slowly learning that. Gonna take your advise and let them be for the next week.

Hey guys,

Little update:

One is doing really well, this one is weird. Droopy smaller leaves and the other 2 never recovered:

Does that look like something is off to you guys ?

It is growing, noticeably from day to day, but it seems a bit off.

Humidity is too high, soil appears overwatered from the pictures. Does it always run that high next to the plants?


Usually runs between 61 to 75%, after I spray the dome it goes up like that for a while. I had to bring them closer to the light because they started stretching too much and it brought the range up slightly. I haven’t added water to the soil since the Sunday before last. The top soil is slightly damp but I assumed that was the humidity ?


It was a rocky start but they are doing well! Let me know if you see anything off.