Using hemp derived terpenes in vape oil

I’m going to make some Cannabis oil from a recent harvest. I was just wondering if I can use hemp derived terpenes instead of the more dangerous solvents like propanol, glycerin, etc. if you would happen to have a recipe please let me know. Wsswesty

I used two drops of terps per gram of oil. The terps are pretty stout.

Do you not add anything else?

I used rosin from my press the terps and the liquidizer which I used about three drops.

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What liquidizer are you using? Thanks

@GulfCoastGurilla How do they come out? I plan to make some carts. Are they dark? Do you decarb the rosin first? I see some people decarb and some don’t on the videos I watched. Are you pressing flower/trim, dry sift, or bubble hash?

I’m pressing bubble hash, it comes out dark as I prefer to heat mine let it cool some add the dilutant then the terps and load my cart.

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Are you heating to decarbing temps and times? Or just heating enough to liquefy it for mixing? Thanks for the response I appreciate it.

No, I’m not heating it to a certain temp or time, I heat it enough to liquify then I add my dilutant. I seem to get higher if I heat it vs not heating it and just stirring the dilutant into it.

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