Using heating mat for entire cycle

From a fellow grower: Is it ok to have a seedling heating mat under your plant for the entire cycle? Temps are dropping into the 20-30’s at night. My tent stays around low 50’s when no light running, about 67 when lights are on. Wanna keep them happy when the lights are off too.


I don’t know if the mat will provide enough heat, but you might want to consider buying one of these-
and plug it into one of these -
I set it for like 72 degrees so the root zone don’t get too cold.
They worked great for me thru winter, you have to get the temps up during lights off. Hope that helps, Happy Growin !


I doubt the mat will even work. Maybe help evaporate the water you feed the plants. I have two Viparspectra lights that warms the tent to 95 degrees. I have the opposite problem sonI bought a window ac unit.

Now you may want to invest in one since it can also be used as a heater.


Where is your tent that the temps stay so low? Probably a better idea to heat your grow room, rather than use a heat mat.


I use a heater like that it’s set behind my tent at the back vent so my inline pulls it into the tent works great.


Reverse cycle air conditioner, heats, cools, even acts as a dehumidifier, :+1::kangaroo:

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I went to 55°f the other night I bought $10.00 heater from walmart 3 years ago. I popped that sucker near my bedroom door went to 80°f girls were happy!

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They work good for fermenting beer tho ! :rofl:


I bought a 15 watt heat mat for my plant that is in a greenhouse in a clear plastic teepee…it does not heat the atmosphere at all…but will be great for kickstarting seeds next spring .:slightly_frowning_face: