Using happy frog soil, what nutes to use in conjunction?

My buddy gave me the fox farm trio, but the feeding schedule on FF website for happy frog only requires
bloom rendering the other two products useless.
What else should I use going into week 5?!
I can’t really find much on the internet.

also have bud candy and rhino skin
Thanks all

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I don’t use FF nutes but on the bottom of the schedule it says for extended veg repeat week four

check your PH using FF it crashes your PH. You can use the Tiger bloom and big grow now use it 1 half to 1 quarter at first then move up slowly. I do not know how fast the nutes may be used up in the Happy Frog it depends on how big the pots are how big the plants are and how fast they are consuming what they have to eat? Keep a eye on them they will tell what they want.

I use Happy Frog dry amendments at half strength will the occasional tea.