Using grow room to help heat house

I live in Montana and building up a grow room in the basement.
I’m wondering if there are ways others have designed the room or venting to help heat their house.

Is pushing air to a tent with dehumidifiers to remove moisture and then push the hot air out to the basement a legit idea?
How about routing the output lines under bedroom floors before going outside?

I’ve got a nice LED but now I’m thinking that as I expand using HID lights for their increased heat output may be a good call.

These are summer temps, the warmest it will EVER be in our basement…

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Definitely a good candidate for HID. Would you be able to tie your exhaust into your current heater ducts?


I think I would be looking at hid lighting too. And probably not exhausting outside at all unless I had to. At worst case, install a diverter or dampers, so you could keep as much heat inside as possible, but potentially exhaust outside if need be.


Is the basement climate controlled by your HVAC?
The reason I ask is related to humidity. A member here, I forget which one…, said they exhausted the grow room into the HVAC controlled basement & the increase in humidity actually made the basement more comfortable.
Of course an uncontrolled temp basement might be different due to too much rh.