Using green leaves to make a liniment

Hello to all,

Firstly I’m not familiar with this subject. I just grow and smoke. It’s time for harvest and I have a friend who has asked me for my trim/stalks to make a liniment. I have always believed that cannabis is not water soluble so I’m not sure that she is making full use of its optimum benefits. She claims that she boils 1k leaves/stalks in 1.25L of water; strains and reduces for a couple hours. She strains again and mixes 60ml liquid with 60ml coconut base cream she makes. Both she and her sister claim the liniment works. Is she on to something or is there a better method I can pass on?

Many thanks.

Ask @blackthumbbetty she knows her stuff

Anything water soluble will be taken out, but she is definitely not getting the full benefits of the plant. Not to be a butt-head, but I wouldn’t give them my trim, only my cleaned stems. :grinning:

Very useful, thanx Dude.